3 Reasons Stylist and Fashion Influencer Ashley Dunn Inspired my Career in Fashion

3 Reasons Stylist and Fashion Influencer Ashley Dunn Inspired my Career in Fashion

Photo courtesy of Ashley Dunn | Instagram

by Shadana Chaney



I’ve always been into fashion for as long as I can remember, but just recently about two years ago I decided to step out on faith and pursue my passion. Becoming a stylist was the first thing I aspired to do before pursuing fashion design. I assumed that I could establish myself as a stylist and more people would value my work as a designer because I was knowledgeable about fashion and style, something I knew many people lacked. Before becoming a stylist and a designer, I worked for the City of Houston in an administrative 9-5 position. I enjoyed my job but I wasn’t in love with it. I instantly noticed the complacency of my coworkers and the normal routine of a 9-5 wasn’t working for me. It bothered me that I only had two weeks of travel vacation a year and only weekends and holidays off. A job working for the city that seemed ideal…was, not in my opinion. After about a year and a half, I decided to quit my job and do a bit of traveling. I was only 25 but I knew there was more to life and more of the world that I needed to see. I didn’t have a lot of money but I had a goal, passion, faith in God and faith in myself that I would be okay. I traveled to Haiti a few weeks after my leaving my job with a group of friends to complete a service trip; where we planted trees to sustain food in the local community. Upon leaving Haiti, I then traveled to Spain for three months where I lived with a host family and studied Spanish. It was in Haiti that I realized my time was more valuable than money and I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing something that I  love and enjoy. Living in Spain is where I became inspired by European fashion.

3 Reasons Stylist and Fashion Influencer Ashley Dunn Inspired my Career in Fashion

Shadana Chaney travels to Haiti (top l and bottom r) and Spain (top r and bottom l


I started to research top stylists in Houston when I returned to the U.S. Ashley Dunn was on the first page of the browser. I had visited other sites of different stylists but was amazed when I ran across a beautiful black woman and someone who had attended the same university as I.  There is several reasons I fell in love with Ashley Dunn’s style and here are my top three:

  1. Personality: I’ve had the privilege of meeting her several times after attending a few of her events. The first thing I instantly noticed was her warm smile and great personality. It never seems to amaze me that every time I see her she has the same warm and engaging vibe.
  2. Giving Back: Another thing I like about Ashley is her love for community service and giving back. I follow Ashley on social media and hit the “like” button on just about all of her pics, but I especially like when she makes time to speak with young girls or when she is involved in helping raise awareness for special causes that are close to her heart.
  3. Style: The last and most important thing I love is her style. You will always find Ashley slaying whether it’s on Instagram, an event or even a casual off day. Her style is just everything!  

Anytime a person changes careers there is always that one person you look to for inspiration. Ashely Dunn is my “go to girl!”

3 Reasons Stylist and Fashion Influencer Ashley Dunn Inspired my Career in Fashion

Photos courtesy of Shadana Chaney


#FashionFriday -Accessorizing Your Wardrobe on a BudgetFashion Contributor Shadana Miranda Chaney is a stylist and fashion designer in Houston, TX. She is the founder and creative director of Miranda Chaney LLC a design and styling company. Originally from New Orleans, La., she is now making her mark in Houston. Shadana believes in inspiring and empowering other women to be great through fashion.

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