3 Tips To Stay Motivated As An Entrepreneur

3 Tips To Stay Motivated As An Entrepreneur
Photo credit: Nina Ijere Otuka
Nina Ijere Otuka is the founder of Orie Peanuts company based in Atlanta, GA. Having been an entrepreneur for over a decade, she has come to find that while entrepreneurship can be adventurous; motivation is one major driving ingredient needed to stay committed to her business at all times. Here she provides 3 Tips on how to stay motivated as an entrepreneur:
  1. Take very good care of yourself – This will look different for every entrepreneur but it is important to adopt sustainable healthy lifestyle practices and that includes healthy eating, active lifestyle, meditation, self-care/self-love. Identify and tackle any form of external/internal stressors; not doing so will throw you out of equilibrium.
  2. Engage in Motivational Activities – This includes reading motivational books, quotes, listening to motivational podcasts or audio – I personally use Audible, reading other people’s success stories for inspiration. There are entrepreneur’s book clubs to join a community of like-minds.
  3. Set goals and create daily trackable action plans to follow – Set both long term and short term goals but make them specific, realistic and be sure they are trackable. As an entrepreneur, having a daily to-do list helps me to stay focused and learning to tackle the important tasks, as opposed to the urgent tasks, helps me to attain my goals more strategically.

      Bonus – Surround yourself with like-minds and remember to reward yourself.


If you find these tips helpful feel free to comment here. Have a few of your own? Let us hear from you.  



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