5 Things To Learn From Geoffrey Owens GMA Interview

5 Things To Learn From Geoffrey Owens GMA Interview

Geoffrey Owens, actor of The Cosby Show, appeared live on “Good Morning America” on Sept. 4.


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What initiated as a invasion of privacy for actor Geoffrey Owens has turned into something positive. Days ago, the headline read ‘Cosby Show’ actor Geoffrey Owens spotted bagging groceries at NJ Trader Joe’s as originally reported by foxnews.com. Soon social media caught buzz and fellow actors as well as fans commented and posted in support of Owens. Many voiced their opinion as to why a man earning an honest living was made to feel ashamed. Is it because he once played a character on the iconic 80’s show that changed the scope of prime time television? No matter the questions— no one can respond better than Owens himself. He broke his silence this morning in a segment on GMA. Here are 5 things to learn from his interview.


5 Things To Learn From Geoffrey Owens GMA Interview

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The Source: No one can tell his story better than Geoffrey Owens himself. Which is one reason we’re glad he decided to speak on it in a segment on GMA— Tuesday. The actor addressed the recent news of him working a regular job at Trader Joe’s. A position he held for the last 15-months.
No Job Shaming: Owens says, “he worked at Trader Joe’s out of necessity and the company was more than flexible with him if he needed to go on auditions.” Mentioning, “he did not broadcast the job because he was ashamed, but because he wanted the acting community to take him serious in pursuing jobs.”
Positive Outcome: Owens says, “he now feels like more of a celebrity than when he was a celebrity.” In fact, the recent wave of public attention has caused him to quit Trader Joe’s though he says, “the company would welcome him back anytime.”
He Still Acts: It has been 26 years since The Cosby Show went off the air, but Owens has had other roles in “Divorce,” “The Leftovers,” “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” and “Elementary.” You may also remember seeing him on “That’s so Raven starring his old co-star, Raven Simone.
Purposeful Life: Owens who has taught at the Ivy League school— Yale says, “he does not want acting jobs handed to him because of this event, but because of merit. He will always welcome going on auditions to try out for roles.
Owens was initially devastated when the story broke. To paraphrase: He says, “I was not ashamed of the job or to be working, but I guess how it all played out.  Adding, “he and his wife looked at all of the positive comments and the shame part did not last very long. “It was short lived because of all the support from fans and others actors.” Owens does not want people to feel sorry for him. He’s had a great (acting) life that some actors would love to have experienced. And he’s still going strong!! Tyler Perry posted this morning on Twitter for Owens to join him on set next week for OWN’s number one drama. 
5 Things To Learn From Geoffrey Owens GMA Interview
 Twitter/Tyler Perry
Wishing Geoffrey Owens and his beautiful family the best! 

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