A Love for Fashion

A Love for Fashion

Image Source: Shadana Miranda Chaney


by Shadana Chaney


My love for fashion came at a very young age. My parents were very stylish individuals and my grandmother on my Dad’s side was known for her notable fashion and her work in the community.  Growing up my mother would always buy me clothing every week to ensure I had a new outfit to wear for the weekend or if I had somewhere special to go.

A Love for Fashion

Image Source: Shadana Miranda Chaney



I grew up loving clothes and fashion but not being attached to the concept of material things. My mother instilled in me the importance of giving back and I watched as she gave all of my used clothes away to the less fortunate kids in our neighborhood. It would put a smile on my face to see those same kids wearing their new clothing the next day or even less than a week later and feeling great about themselves. 

I grew up with one brother who also loved clothing and dressing the part. He was an urban kid from New Orleans so he wore all the up-to-date trends from Jordan’s to Francois Girbaud (a French designer) and Prada shoes whenever he would save his money and buy a pair. His hair was styled in the latest trends. He mostly wore a low cut fade, but you could catch him growing his hair and rocking cornrows every once in a while. My brother Rickey was always on point.

Shadana with brother (l) and father (c)


Around the age of 14, I started to develop my sense of style. It wasn’t very hard for me to mix and match clothing considering my roots. I naturally had an eye for fashion and it showed when I went out in public and received compliments on my style.  As I became a young adult and finished school I didn’t pursue fashion but instead, a field that I assumed would make me more money. It was when I was working on my graduate degree that I had an “aha” moment and a vision to do something I would love and enjoy. I decided to step out on faith and pursue my dream and the rest is history.

Honestly there are a lot of fashion icons in the world that I love such as Kerry Washington, Michelle Obama, Kelly Rowland, Khalana Barfield, and a list of popular bloggers that I follow, but the people who inspired me the most to love the way I look and feel were the people around me and that included my family. I can still hear my dad ask me, “Dana how do I look?” when he would get dressed up in his fancy clothing for an event— sure to turn heads, and also I remember my Grandmother Julia putting on her pearls and make-up in the mirror as she accessorized to match her fancy suit and expensive hat.

I believe everyone has fashion icons that they look to for inspiration, it just so happens mine came from the people I cherish most, my family.

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The Cannes Film Festival 2017 FashionFashion Contributor Shadana Miranda Chaney is a stylist and fashion designer in Houston, TX. She is the founder and creative director of Miranda Chaney LLC a design and styling company. Originally from New Orleans, La., she is now making her mark in Houston. Shadana believes in inspiring and empowering other women to be great through fashion.

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