A Rocking Chair Made My Week

A Rocking Chair Made My Week

November 9, 2013

By La Tasha (Asha) Taylor




A Rocking Chair, Books and a Host of First Graders Made My Week! “Everyday Lifestyle Living Blog Thought”


Surely we can call on something great that happened during the course of this past week. Let’s see, “For me that would be reading to my son’s first grade class.”


I was excited to sit in the rocking chair of my son’s teacher; it belonged to her late grandmother.  Mrs. Rodriguez (teacher) does not let just everyone sit there. “I felt quite special!”


…So I enjoyed reading the two (2) books I selected for the class, I delighted in telling the story in its actual words but igniting the children’s imagination through simple questions. They’re a great group and participated with tons of energy. My thought, “I’ve got a new network that includes a bunch of 6 year-olds.” Hey! “It’s not that far-fetched because they get what most of us adults have forgotten over time.”


Imagination, enthusiasm and the curiosity to learn takes us so far. Thank you to the best bunch of 1st graders I know!


Comment here and tell me what made your week. Thanks in advance for sharing!


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