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BS COVER 2 copy“Beautifully Said is a progressive, online publication for forward-thinking people who create, own, maintain and succeed.” Owned and operated by Identical twin sisters La Tasha LaShae’ Taylor and La Trisha LaNae’ McIntosh, the “Original Twins of Media!”

Beautifully Said celebrates Creative artist, Entrepreneurs, and Everyday Lifestyle Living. The magazine covers upscale articles on creative arts (e.g. poets, authors, spoken word artists, musicians, entertainment and media), entrepreneurship, and everyday lifestyle living.




Tasha in pinkLa Tasha (Asha LaShae’) Taylor Owner and Publisher

Born in Natchez, Ms but raised in Oakland, CA “Bay Area”, La Tasha (Asha) is Co-Owner and overseer of production for all Beautifully Said business and financials. She is also an entrepreneur, writer, paralegal and most importantly “Mom”.  Along with being Co-owner of the magazine, she is the Founder/Owner of Virtual Legal Support, a virtual-based legal services firm located in Houston, TX http://www.virtuallegalsupport.net/.  Asha obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Legal Studies from the University of Maryland University College in Aldephi, MD, with plans to complete her MBA studies in the near future.

Prior to the creation of Beautifully Said, Asha shared her writing on a social platform (2007) when her poetry was published with online media outlets;  Sisterhood Agenda Magazine and ColoredPeople.net.  She has plans to compile a book of  poetry along with a couple of novels in the foreseeable future, but in the meantime, she enjoys being in the background helping  aspiring authors with their stories for publication.

“I love to read and I love even more the freedom that a pen and paper allows me to be!”...It is my escape to create the unimaginable through words.  ”My thoughts and expressions usually flow much better when I’m writing…but knowing I cannot  have conversations with people simply on paper, I’m approachable to talk to as well (lol)!”

Her most important role is shaping the minds of her two young men, Damaris and Dante, ages 12 and 5 respectively.  Asha works to leave a legacy for the both of them.  ”Our children are always watching what we do,  so let us lead with purpose so that they will have the tools to lead us in the future!”

“I encourage you to take this journey with me as we strive to make Beautifully Said the magazine that allows us to encourage your best self .  Tag…You’re it! Always remember to do something great just for you but never forget to pass that same energy along to others.” ~Blessings.



La Trisha LaNae’ McIntosh (Trisha LaNae’) Founder, Publisher, Editor in Chief


La Trisha LaNae’ McIntosh is Co-Owner and overseer of production for all Beautifully Said business and financials. She is also the owner and designer of Tula Couture a dynamic fashion forward jewelry and accessory company, born in Natchez, Mississippi but raised in the “Bay Area” of California; La Trisha has always had a love of the arts as evident in all of her businesses.

Through her love of writing La Trisha has steadily built a fan base with the inspirational quotes and affirmations that she shares with her audience. She is the author of the book Simply Speaking: Words for the Journey, Wisdom for the Way currently available at: http://bs.beautifullysmagazine.com/shop-beautifully-said/book-store/

“Writing allows me to tell not only my story but the story of so many amazing people.”

“As a designer, I am able to express my creativity to the world, which allows me to inspire others through my work.”

In addition to her professional work, La Trisha is a devoted wife and mother.

~ Blessings


 Trisha LaNae’ and Asha LaShae’


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