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Mississippi Mass Choir1Mississippi Mass Choir Celebrates 25 years

Interviewed by Trisha LaNae’ and Asha LaShae’, Editors


The Mississippi Mass Choir celebrating 25 years of praise!  The choir kicked off a 6-state tour which included a stop in Houston, TX in May and was hosted by Courageous Faith Christian Center- Founder, Pastor JD Herron.  The celebration theme for the event was Behold I AM doing a new thing!

When we asked what this 6-state tour meant to the ministry, Katrina Williams, widow of Founder- Frank Williams expressed, “God gave us a tremendous ministry and we just want to be able to bring what God has given us in talent and in the words to the song, as well as the music to the people.”

Mama Burks (81) also expressed, “I’ve been tremendously blessed. I thank God today for the privilege of being a part of celebrating 25 years of praise and as the lead singer of the Mississippi Mass choir. Mama Burks is one of the original members of the choir which was founded in February of 1988.

Pastor JD Herron expressed gratitude as his founding church Courageous Faith Christian Center also known as the City of Faith Church hosted the event.  Pastor Herron expressed that one of his favorite scriptures is All things work together for the good of those who love the Lord– Romans 8:28 KJV. He also went on to say,  “Being a small church, I think people need to know that God still moves through small churches, the opportunity for people to know that God can move through any church, anybody, and any song because you cannot put a limit on what God can do when he wants to do something through somebody.”

How does the Mississippi Mass Choir maintain the longevity?  Katrina Williams stated, “I believe that we had awesome leadership!”  First, with Frank when he was here and the leadership that he provided, and the ongoing leadership from spiritual strong leaders like Jerry Mannery,Executive Director of the choir as well as sister Burks, Mama Burks.  Katrina concludes by saying, “God put so many amazing people with this group which has enabled us to remain active all these years, I believe!”

Congratulations to The Mississippi Mass Choir celebrating 25 years and blessings for many more years of great music and ministry.


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