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  Toni Braxton loses copyright to 27 of her songs through bankruptcy

by BSM


Recent news reports that singer Toni Braxton lost copyrights to 27 of her songs through the bankruptcy that she filed previously. What does this mean to the artist? The bigger question, how does it affect their creative process knowing they’ve lost a part of what made them who they are?

There is no secret about Toni’s financial woes  which, over the years, has had the six-time Grammy Award winner filing for bankruptcy twice. The 45-year old singer was given the chance to purchase the copyrights to obtain many of her most popular songs from her catalogue. The estimated amount for the purchase was $20,000 when the songs were placed for sale last month.

Unfortunately, Toni was not able to out bid another buyer by the name of Ross M. Klein who doubled the offer that the singer proposed. With his purchase of the copyright, Klein can profit from the singers many hits such as; You’re Making Me High, “How Many Ways” and “Always”

It is imagined that this has greatly affected Toni because a piece of her identity is in the hands of someone else. Does that sound a bit extreme, maybe not! I ponder to know how the circumstances of what Toni has gone through as a singer and recording artist, affect those new and established in the industry. There is a universal message not just with Toni but also with many of the high profile professions in entertainment, where, lack thereof has constituted to numerous financial downfalls.

Gone are the days when Motown would groom artists in such a manner that they were protected from a lot of the media circus that we see today. Now, that is not to say that those earlier artists did not have money issues because we’ve all heard a story or two, but I believe there was more of a tight unit within the music family and the people that surrounded your talent.

Toni Braxton is a phenomenal singer and what is already known is that she is recently divorced,  and has experienced her fair share of financial strife so there is not much need to continue with emphasizes on the subject matter. Losing anything is never a good feeling and I don’t know how the purchase of some of her music is settling with the singer.

In true Beautifully Said fashion, we believe that Toni will surround herself with great people that will be more than willing to strengthen her in areas where she is weak.

We do better when we know more!

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