Back to School Money Tips

Back to School Money Tips

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With the rising cost of college tuition, students and parents are trying to save money wherever possible this back to school season. Before heading to the mall or clicking online purchases from the comfort of your home. Here are a few savings tips:


Make a List. Check it Twice.

Similar to Christmas shopping, when it comes to back to school shopping make a list of the items you need. Separate the wants versus the need. Creating a budget will help you not to max out your credit cards or make impulsive buys. Take advantage of “No Sales Tax” weekends for clothing items, but be strategic in your shopping. Stores will be crowded and sometimes retailers mark their items higher that weekend to balance the savings cost.



Back to School Money TipsWeeks before shopping start searching online to see which stores will have back to school sales and discounts. Look online for coupons or check with your bank to see if you have rewards points you can use at retailers. Parents might consider teaming up with another parent to buy in bulk at a local SAM’s or Costco.


Cash is King

It’s tempting to breakout your credit card and swipe but think about the interest or how long it will take you to pay off the purchase. If you are disciplined when it comes to credit cards, swipe away; if you are not, leave your credit cards at home. Take cash with you when you go shopping, stop at the bank and obtain small bills $1 and $5, this might seem crazy, but this trick helps when spending money.


Consignment Shops

Did you land an impressive intern this fall? You’ll need a business casual wardrobe to accompany you to your part-time gig. Visit consignment or resale shops for blouses, dress shirts, and ties. The secret is to visit these stores in luxurious zip codes or desirable neighborhoods where you will often find name brand clothes gently or never worn at 80% off the retail price tag.


Pawn Shops

Before you head over to an electronic store to purchase the newest laptop, iPad or dorm room TV; visit your neighborhood pawn shop. You can find great deals on the latest gadget at half the price. Unfortunately, you are not able to purchase an extended warranty and you have to purchase at your own risk, but it’s worth visiting a few Pawn Shops before making a massive purchase. Besides, do you really need a three-year warranty?


The key to being financially savvy this back to school season is to get an early start. Think smart, so you can spend the majority of time focusing on making this the best school year yet!



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