What products do from a healthy hair perspective?

Mainelement: love’s Treasured Tresses line of hair care products is designed to provide consumers with high quality, affordable healthy hair care for in home hair care. Our line makes caring for and styling your natural hair as easy and fun as it should be. Our line is comprised of plant based ingredients, including essential oils, vegetable oils, vitamin E, and aloe vera, and is free of sulfates, parabens, and fragrance oils; all the things your hair needs, minus all the junk it doesn’t.

Currently, we offer an aloe vera based conditioner that can be used as a leave in conditioner; a shea butter based moisturizer that softens and enhances curls, and a vegetable based hair pomade for styling versatility for both loose hair and locs. We believe that healthy hair is a staple to one’s inner and outer beauty, and we strive to keep it reasonably priced and easily accessible.

Why felt the need to create a product line

Mainelement: love was created to fill a void that exists in the world of hair care at the moment. Very few retail establishments provide hair care products that genuinely meet the needs of the women and men who choose to wear their hair natural, or who simply desire to use hair care products that are created with a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Numerous large companies currently market products to woman of color claiming to be for natural hair. However, upon reading their ingredient listings, it can be found that very few of them are producing products that are solely comprised of the ingredients that healthy hair requires, and do not have ingredients that cause dryness, itching, flaking, or other health concerns. Fortunately, small businesses such as mainelement: love have stepped up to provide true healthy hair care options, and education to ensure that people have the opportunity to make conscious decisions when making their hair care purchase.
While our consumers are primarily women with natural hair, healthy hair is not exclusive to any single hair type and our products are for use by women and men with both natural and relaxed textured hair.

Where to purchase, what to look forward to in new products

We’re excited to have a shampoo bar in development that we anticipate being available in mid to late summer of 2011. This shampoo bar will be loaded with hair loving vegetable oils, providing just enough cleansing to leave your scalp and hair clean and shiny while replenishing it with the natural oils needed to maintain the health and vitality hair deserves. We also have a moisturizing spray in the works for quick, easy, on the go rewetting and moisturizing for loose hair and locs.

We invite everyone to visit our website to shop our etsy store and visit our blog – Love: The Element. We’ll be relaunching our full website later in the year, and will hold a grand celebration with free products and excusive sales. Visit us at our Facebook fan page!/mainelementlove to receive up to date notices and sign up for our enewsletter.

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