Becoming a Media Bestie!

Becoming a Media Bestie!

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by Vannessa Wade



Besties have your back. They know the ends of outs of your personality and know what you bring to the table. The same rings true when it comes to being a reliable and relatable source for the media. Whether it is radio, newspaper or any other platform, the media wants to talk to you – but dear friends you must have something to say.

Let’s break it down about the need for Experts in your field. Sources deepen the story with a human feel and offer a different prospective. So how do you start creating this relationship?

1. Follow them online and comment. Perhaps the most recent story spoke to you or lacked some information – commit on it in a positive way and engage with the writer or reporter online. Add your prospective.

2. Send News Tips – notice something of substance the reporter can use? Tell them. Potholes in your area going unfilled? Has violence spiked in recent months? Speak up, these are stories that the media wants to hear. For example, did you lose weight by changing your diet? If so, call the media up and talk about healthy eating on a dime or how to prepare healthy on the go meals. Are you a CPA? Educate consumers about best practices on how to maximize a refund or how to prepare for retirement.

3. Be Honest. When growing any type of relationship, it is necessary, to be honest, and engaging. If you don’t know the answer to a question, say it. Don’t embellish the truth. Don’t provide a source that isn’t reliable. Protect your integrity at all cost.

The key is to build trusted relationships with members of the press, the public and those around you. Not a one size fits all relationship that only serves you.

__________________________________________________________________________________ Award Winning PR Pro and Community Relations Consultant— Article originally published on LinkedIn


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