‘Behind The Movement’ Movie Exclusive With Writer And Cast

‘Behind The Movement’ Movie Exclusive With Writer And Cast

Meta Golding in front of the original bus where Rosa Parks sat that would change the history of our country/ Photo courtesy of TV One


The story of Rosa Parks. What’s not to be told of this era in history that we have not already seen depicted on television or the movies? How about the fact Parks was not physically tired in her body when she sat down on the bus or the forgotten names who had just as much to do with the Montgomery Bus Boycott as a then 26 year-old Martin Luther King Jr., and Rosa Parks herself. “It was reported that I was tired and that wasn’t true, states Meta Golding as Rosa Parks in the movie trailer. “I was tired of all the injustice, all the fear and indignity that they were putting us through. That’s the truth.”

The story behind the rise of the Montgomery Bus Boycott goes back 62 years ago and the TV One original premiere Behind the Movement offers a closer look at how the history-making boycott was planned in just three days and ultimately led to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s. We spoke to cast members Loretta Devine and Isaiah Washington along with writer Katrina O’Gilvie about this important film in time for Black History Month. 

'Behind The Movement' Movie Exclusive With Writer And CastPhoto credit: Earl Gibson III/Courtesy TV One (l to r) Behind The Movement Cast Members; Roger Guenveur, Loretta Devine, Meta Golding, Isaiah Washington


Our question starts with Katrina where we asked, What did it take for you as a woman writer to sit down to prepare and put on paper this movie which is a true account of history for viewers to know? I was approached by Karen Peterkin of TV One about the idea. I loved the idea from the start! The first thing I did was call my best friend’s mom and asked her to tell me everything she knew because she was a part of the movement. From there, I dove in and watched documentaries, I read books and grabbed every periodical I could find. I called the churches and spent two-weeks doing research and wrote the treatment. My concern was that all the characters in the film would not be seen, but TV One saw the importance of everyone’s roles in the film and liked the direction in which the story was told. To be able to tell the stories of the lesser known people during this time and their contributions in history as well. Writing this movie was incredible! It was great fun to find the rhythm, dialogue and temperament of each character. It was definitely fun for me! I am a television writer so I am used to writing very quickly and I was thrilled to jump into something that was going to make an impact. This movie matters. The timing is essential. And I am very grateful to have had the opportunity and to have also had this amazing cast and amazing director Aric Avelino.

Isaiah Washington and Loretta Devine played characters Edgar “E.D. Nixon and Jo Ann Robinson respectively. It was important that they captured the essence of the real life people they portrayed in the movie who were not discussed much.  Washington expressed not knowing about Dixon and Robinson was a major deciding factor in him taking on the role. He described the experience as a “wonderful educational journey.” Washington prepared for the part studying old videos of the civil rights leader who played a crucial role in organizing the landmark bus boycott. Here was a man who had been a longtime organizer and activist of his local chapter of the NAACP and many black kids growing up knew nothing about him. Something Washington points out was true as well. “Born and raised in Houston the stories of Nixon, Robinson and others were not taught in school.”  Devine, also born in Houston agrees. She wasn’t taught about this part of history either. The movie she says, “Is special because it taught me a lot about the backstory of the civil rights movement. Jo Ann Robinson had a lot of strength and passion as an educator and activist during the planning of the 1950s boycott. Devine appreciated this of the person she portrayed and also liked the fact the even the wardrobe was detailed to provide an authentic time in history. 

So authentic was this movie the original bus where Rosa Parks sat that sparked the Civil Rights Movement was used. Katrina O’Gilvie recounting, “I could only stay on the bus for a short time because the energy of that time…the spirit of what happened was still very strong. It was overwhelming and inspiring to experience it.


Drama Starring Meta Golding, Loretta Devine, Isaiah Washington and Roger Guenveur Smith Reveals How Rosa Parks and the Unsung Heroes of the Montgomery Bus Boycott Helped Spark The Civil Rights Movement.


TV One’s original film Behind The Movement premieres Sunday February 11 at 7 p.m. ET. 

Behind The Movement Movie Exclusive Writer and CastTV One


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