Bershan Shaw: Unstoppable Warrior Woman!

Bershan Shaw: Unstoppable Warrior Woman!

Bershan Shaw is a Transformational coach, motivational speaker, Author, Founder of URAWARRIOR.COM/Image courtesy of Bershan Shaw 


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Bershan Shaw is the REAL DEAL! A woman who makes BOSS MOVES UNAPOLOGETICALLY! She is the definition of what it means to live your life to the fullest. Here she gives Beautifully Said Magazine insight on who she is and how she came to be known as Unstoppable Warrior Woman!


BSM: Tell us about your businesses?

Bershan: I am what you call a multi-preneur and an international motivational speaker. I have spoken in places like Poland, Ghana, Rome, Germany, London and more. I am a business and leadership coach. I help managers and c suite level executives become better leaders and help them with team management, employee motivation and dysfunctional behaviors in their workplace. I have a personal development business where I coach individuals and corporate teams from speaker and presentation coaching to emotional intelligence. I would say I’m a strategist and a guru at human behavior. I invest in real estate so I own properties in multiple cities and I am launching my ‘I AM A WARRIOR’ Jewelry line and an IAMAWARRIOR app and digital academy for personal development. So, I would say I like keeping myself pretty busy. My brand is I AM A WARRIOR because it resonates with the soul. It makes you feel like even when you fall you can get back up and do it because YOU ARE A WARRIOR. My business is broken into four parts 1. Business leadership coach/Emotional Intelligence Leader/Diversity & Inclusion Expert  2. Speaker & Presentation Coach 3. Personal Development Coaching and Training in Life and Relationship 4. Products- workbooks, jewelry and digital academy and my jewelry line.

Bershan Shaw: Unstoppable Warrior Woman!


BSM: Where do you see yourself in the next 2 years to 5 years?

Bershan: In the next two years I will have an international bestseller book and my business will be global in Europe, India, Australia and Africa. I will have my digital academy and app up, speaking on stages with politicians, leaders and CEO’S. I think big! If you think small you will be small. In five years I will have my television show syndicating worldwide. I will also have another international bestseller. My jewelry line will be an international sensation and my personal development will be global. I want to help women when they need someone to support, coach or mentor them. I want to be a listening voice. My IAMAWARRIOR app will be there for those women, as well as my coaching business and speaking business, becoming universal.


BSM: What is next for Bershan personally?

Bershan: My next is always something new and challenging and that is to do and be where many may not go. I like going to third world emerging markets helping women to become entrepreneurs and to help them see their self-worth. I love helping women open up to new possibilities; that’s my sweet spot. I help women to not play small in anything in their life and live in abundance. I am also working on a book collaborative as the head author as well as a personal book of my own.


It is no doubt Bershan Shaw is UNSTOPPABLE! Period. She is making her print all around the world! God gave her the ability to conquer death as a two-time breast cancer survivor. Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007, and it returned as stage 4 in 2009,  Bershan beat the odds and is now seven years cancer free. “I am unstoppable. I can do ANYTHING I set my mind to do and I do mean ANYTHING!”, says the woman who dedicates her life to helping others discover their inner warrior during life’s most difficult journeys. 


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