Big Travel Goals On a Tight Budget?

Big Travel Goals On a Tight Budget?


Big Travel Goals On a Tight Budget? 

5 tips for making your destination dreams a reality with Ariana Pierce


Whether it’s written down or just lurking somewhere in the back of your mind, all travelers have a bucket list of sorts – a wish list of dream trips they absolutely must take in their lifetime. Start checking places off that list with help from Ariana Pierce! A published author, motivational speaker, designer and business coach, this superstar CEO has the tools to help aspiring entrepreneurs acquire fortune, fame and fashion. The beauty guru not only runs Superstar Nail Lacquer and Style Shoppe, an online accessories company, she’s creating some serious buzz with her travel accessories and travel journal


Don’t just plan your dream trip – make it a reality. Check out these tips from the CEO and travel expert on getting the most out of your experience: 







  1. Now Is the Time: The most common roadblock to tackling a dream trip is the the timing doesn’t seem right: Work is really hectic, you just started a home renovation, or you don’t have the energy to make it happen. Don’t leave it to next year, there will never be a perfect time. The longer you leave booking flights and accommodations, the more expensive there’ll be with less choices available! 
  2. Write it Down: Writing down your bucket list, more or less in the order in which you rank each destination, is a good way to make it just real enough that you can actually start doing something about it. 
  3. Save For It: While everyone’s financial means are different and complex, any saving you can stock up will go a long way. Whether it’s setting up an automatic transfer into a dedicated travel banking account, or giving yourself reminders in your environment like a picture of your chosen destination next to your home computer to keep you from spending money online, these little things will keep you focused and on track for your trip! 
  4. Travel Light (And in Style): Keep organized while traveling with Style & Travel Girl Passport Covers! Fitting perfectly in your bag for easy travel, these covers can also be used as a wallet. With a place to hold your passport, money, license, business cards and even a baggage claim ticket, you’ll be fully prepped for any dream trip. 
  5. Plan For One Splurge: If there’s something specific you really want to see or experience while jetting off to your destination: plan for it. Need to pay a guide? Sure. Have to take a ride on a seaplane? Do it. It requires renting a four-wheel-drive vehicle to get to that wonderful waterfall? Go for it. Don’t stick to the cookie-cutter, touristy traditions – create your own memories. 


 What are you waiting for? Take these tips from travel guru Ariana Piece and go make your dream trip a reality! 



Living her dream life since her late teens, Ariana is a relatable, inspirational role model who has created her incredible entrepreneurial story of inspirational lifestyle products, blogs and events. She leads six hugely successful businesses including the well-known nail polish company,, thriving online accessories company,, and a busy publishing businessPierce motivates thousands to grow their businesses, change up their lifestyles, and create incredible futures with her lively, straightforward and actionable recommendations. 


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Info/ Photo courtesy of  Ariana Pierce/ ChicExecs PR

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