Jay Barnett is an inspirational speaker, mentor, and author of the the thought-provoking book, Finding Our Lost Kings and Queens. He is also the founder of the ME Project – a five-week self-development and exploratory program designed for teen boys and girls in the Houston, Texas area.  Leveraging challenging life experiences, acute knowledge of “pop culture,” and spoken word creativity, Jay has the unique ability to connect with youth on a myriad of issues confronting the 21 century teenager. He tackles difficult subjects including depression, bullying, familial instability, and sex – sharing his personal struggles with suicide and isolation resulting from derailed NFL dreams.

Jay has inspired thousands of teens to develop a greater self-awareness and adopt a positive self-image, and helps to facilitate healthy communication between parents and their children. With the ME Project as his platform, he launched the I AM A KING & I AM A QUEEN movement – empowering teens across the country to live life as Kings & Queens, with dignity, meaning, and purpose. A native of Gunnison, Mississippi and a graduate of Tarleton State University, Jay currently resides in Houston, Texas.



My last opportunity came when the Green Bay Packers flew me up for a workout.  I thought I performed well, as usual, as it was in my blood. Yet on this day they would feel that someone else was better because of his experience. Standing on the outside looking in, waiting for an opportunity to come that never would. After I was called and they said that they were going in a different direction, I knew it was over. The chase was over and I was out of breath, I could no longer run behind the love of my life.

I began cutting myself and stabbing the knife into my arm as tears streamed down my face, ready to end my life. I was left alone with my thoughts, fears, and the pain that had haunted me all my life. I never knew that the divorce of my parents would have affected me so much, but it did. My inability to cope with pain and anger had gotten the best of me. Football became everything. And when football failed, I crumbled…I wasn’t interested in what God had to say.

With all the new technology at our fingertips— social media, mass media access, cell phones/ texting— we have socially  handicapped many of our youth for the next phase of their lives. The art and the importance of the actual human interaction have been lost in the airwaves.




The ME and WE projects are designed for young women and men in middle school to early high school based in the Houston area. The five-week self-development and exploratory program gives mentees the tools they will need to grow to maturity in a healthy and successful way.

The ME and WE Projects’ goal is to improve the current state of our society as it relates to our youth. Through strategic partnerships with schools, organizations, and mentors, the program strives to create men and women  of excellence. For more information on the ME and WE projects, please visit




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