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by La Trisha L. McIntosh, Editor


Q: The Life Your Spirit Craves. Whom are you writing to with this particular book, who is your target audience?
A: This book is written for the person who is at a point in life where he/she wants more. Specifically, this person believes that God has created them for purpose and they are ready to seek and pursue that purpose. I believe that it is never too late to begin living the life that you were created to live so I didn’t necessarily have a particular age group in mind when writing this book. However, I believe that young adults between the ages of 25-35 are more likely to be ready to seek more out of life and will more closely relate to this book.

Q: Why was it so important for you to include the 30-day Devotional and Journal in addition to the biblical and life teachings of this book?
A: Purpose comes from God and if we do not spend time with Him in devotion, we cannot fully know our purpose. The combination of the devotional and journal are both important because the journal helps solidify the lesson the reader has obtained from studying the devotional and scriptures. I believe that when you write something down, you’re more likely to remember and commit to it. Some of the questions in the journal challenge the reader to commit to something specific. Once you write it down, you are then accountable.

Q: In writing The Life Your Spirit Craves, you found your purpose (encourage others through the Word of God in writing); do you also feel that in reading this book your audience will find their purpose as well and in particular in 30 days?
A: I believe this book is a great start to finding your purpose because it empowers and challenges the reader to seek God daily, listen to His voice, and allow Him to lead you into what He has called you to do. That is a process that you must learn if you haven’t already been living your life this way. I think it will take longer than 30 days. The length of time depends on each individual’s personal relationship with God.

Q: In day 4, you speak of spiritual counsel. Who was your spiritual counsel (s) during the process of writing your book, and what was the most important advice they gave you?
A: Very good question! Nickcole Byrd and Cynthia Patterson. The most important advice that each of them gave me was to “Allow the Holy Spirit to lead me and not rush through the process.”

Q: In Day 11, 27, and 30 you speak of obedience. Why was it so important for you to discuss obedience multiple times throughout the book?
A: A strong relationship with God is centered on faith and obedience. As stated previously, in order to truly walk in purpose, you must be led by God. You cannot be led by God if you are not obedient to Him. In order to be obedient, you must trust in Him. To trust in Him, you must know Him and His Word. To know Him, you must spend time studying and praying. Therefore, obedience is very important if the reader is serious about living the life that God has called him/her to live.

Q: What has been the feedback regarding your book from your church family and non-church family?
A: I’ve spoken with several readers and I receive similar responses. If the reader was dealing with some specific life issue, they revealed that the book has helped them with that issue and to gain a different perspective. For others, I have been told that they enjoyed the book and have re-read it (as I suggest). I have recently received notification of my nomination for the “Henri Award” to be presented at The Christian Literary Awards in Plano, TX later this year.

Q: What do you hope your readers will walk away with upon reading your book?
A: A deeper and more meaningful relationship with God. I’d like them to be empowered and ready to continue seeking what God has called them to do (and who God has called them to be) at this time in their lives. Readers should know that God desires more of them and it is my hope that they will be committed to that – giving God more of them!

Q: Will there be a follow up to The Life Your Spirit Craves? What’s next for Natasha D. Frazier? Also, tell us who you are outside of being an authorAuthor Photo and what you like to do in your downtime.
A: I am currently working on a one year devotional book. My desire for others is the same as the desire I have for myself; and that is for my readers to grow closer to God and to become sensitive to His voice so that they may consciously live the life they have been destined to live.

Outside of being an author, I am a wife, mother, friend and accountant. If I’m not writing, my time is spent with my husband, child, friends or work. I enjoy reading romance novels, although I haven’t read one in quite some time. I also enjoy finding new recipes to cook and relaxing while watching a great movie. I like to watch romance, drama and action movies.

It was pleasure speaking with you and Beautifully Said Magazine would like to wish you continued success in all of your future endeavors.


Photos were taken by Chanell Shorter of Shorter Photography

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