Brely Evans Leading Role in TV One Movie “Can’t Fight Christmas”

Brely Evans Leading Role in TV One Movie “Can’t Fight Christmas”

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Brely Evans leading lady role in the TV One Christmas Film You Can’t Fight Christmas    


Friday, December 8, 2017— we caught up with actress Brély Evans (Being Mary Jane, Born Again Virgin), to discuss her leading lady role in the TV One holiday film You Can’t Fight Christmas which also stars Andra Fuller (Here We Go Again, Black Jesus)Persia White (Girlfriends)Richard Gant (The Mindy Project) and Marla Gibbs (The Jefferson’s, 227)

The story begins with the annual holiday decorating for the Chesterton Hotel by interior design expert Leslie Major (Evans).  She is hard at work managing the transformation when she meets and develops a crush on the hotel owner’s handsome grandson, Edmund James (Fuller). Soon she discovers that Edmund and his uptight business partner, Millicent (White), have secret plans.  They intend to completely revamp the hotel into an upscale business resort once Edmund inherits it from his grandfather. Scheming Millicent also has plans for Edmund that involve a wedding ring. Is he ready to take their partnership to the next level? Can Leslie save the hotel and its Christmas legacy? Will Edmund find his Christmas spirit?

We asked Brely about her portrayal of interior design expert Leslie Major in the film and what attracted her to the role and this is what she had to say, “Well how about this! I was attracted to the role simply because I got a phone call that said we wrote this movie with you in mind, so there was no audition process. I had auditioned for a prior movie three years ago. It was a small part in a film but I was told they loved me on the set. So I couldn’t believe my ears when this role was written for me!”

How does Brely feel about this film being added to the Christmas watch list for those who love a good ole’ Christmas movie? “For the avid Christmas movie watchers you’re going to get all the warm and fuzzy feelings. There is comedy and heart aching moments, as well as kid moments and then you have the scrooge in there and ultimately someone who saves the day. All of these elements go into making a wonderful movie which I think is all packed right here in “You Can’t Fight Christmas.” I am looking forward to it being added to people’s movie play list for the holiday season for years to come.

What was it like working with veteran actress Marla Gibbs on this movie? “When Marla came to the set I ran up to her and said do you remember me? She was in the ‘Man in 3B’ movie (Netflix Thriller) with me. Marla responded, Brely how can anybody forget you! <laughter> and we hugged. Marla gives me so much life. She makes me realize that I have a long career ahead of myself. Marla has paved the way for actors well after retiring years because you don’t retire from what you love to do; you don’t retire from your God given gift. It was great working with her and  Richard Gant who is also another legendary actor. Knowing them both—I believe  have a long career ahead of me.”

How do you feel doing romantic scenes in the movie. “I don’t shy away from love scenes and showing love and how love relationships develop on screen. I don’t shy away from that at all because it’s real life. It was awesome to work with Andra in that capacity and what’s cool is honey, he is easy on the eye so he made my job easy <laughter>. Not only is Andra great looking, but his heart is as well. It made the intimate scenes very easy to do because he was patient and kind. You know with everything going on in the media right now—all the sexual harassment allegations, you have to be careful when you are in these kind of love scenes with people. I am still a newlywed…I was a real newlywed when shooting the movie so I had to let my husband know “We okay?” this is just work <laughter>.  In all, I love showing real life and I am showing this industry that you can do these love scenes and turn it on for the moment and turn it off when the cameras stop. It’s my pleasure to show people that you can have it all; the husband and career while having  fun, being successful and loving God.”

What do you like most about working with TV One? “I am so grateful for TV One because they highlight the African American experience. They make sure our stories are being told from a wide perspective. Characters like mine who is a designer of the Chesterton Hotel and it is a black owned hotel. These are stories where we can see ourselves. I appreciate TV One and their commitment to making sure that we are seen where we can show our kids we don’t always have to be a basketball player or an actor in roles; we can own a hotel or design one. It is refreshing to shine the light on black boy and girl magic. I am really excited about TV One and I love that they are bringing me along for the ride. I feel like I am on TV One once every six months. I got a residency there <laughter>.”

Before we wrapped up the interview we asked Brely to give us one fun fact about herself that her fans don’t know. “Oh, okay.. I will give you guys one ‘Brely Evans’ fun fact: My favorite food is cheeseburgers. I travel near and far to try out cheeseburgers, that’s what I do. A cheeseburger connoisseur kind of girl.

In the movie Brely Evans wears fellow actress and friend, Tabitha Browns’ fashion; Capeable by Tabitha Brown. Not only are the two friends but they support each other in all their endeavors.

Check out the red capeable design Brely wears in the film.

You Can’t Fight Christmas, premieres Sunday, December 10 at 7 p.m. ET.


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