Bridal Designer Roberta Frey Takes Over The West Coast

Bridal Designer Roberta Frey Takes Over The West Coast

Photo courtesy of Roberta Frey


Interview by Shadana Chaney


What inspired you to become a fashion designer?

When I was younger and playing with Barbie Dolls the one thing I enjoyed doing was dressing them. My mother would sew for me all the time. I love being creative. I was in theatre in high school and I loved experimenting with all the different costumes. When I was 16 there was a designer that came to my school looking for an apprentice and I was chosen. At that moment, I began working in bridal and here I am today.


You are based in Phoenix, AZ. What led you to branch off into other big cities such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New York?

New York was a given because I’m from New York. I also taught fashion design for nine years in Manhattan, but the Vegas crowd is definitely more of my market. So I wanted to make myself available and it’s easy to hop on a plane to Vegas from Phoenix as the distance is very close. I’m trying out LA to see if I can open myself up to other places…LA is a new place for me.


I see that you’re a mother of two, how do you balance having a family and still make time to run your business?

It’s definitely tough since my kids are so young. My daughter is 3 and my son is a year and a half. Most times I work overnight while they’re sleeping because other times I don’t have time to get anything done. My kids are everything to me so I just balance my schedule around their time.


Where do you see Roberta Frey designs in the next 3-5 years?

I believe things are going to go very extreme and then they’ll go modest again. You’re going see a lot of Avant-garde type of fashion along with netting. Lots of nude and body showing. Once that phase is over we’re going to go modest again with very conservative designs.


You market your brand very well on social media especially Instagram, would you say that social media is solely responsible for brand awareness and bringing in new clientele?  If not, what do you rely on to market your brand?

Right now it is social media that’s carrying my brand awareness. Instagram is one of my favs; my brand was actually picked up by a reality show called “Fix My Brand” airing on Apple TV and Roku. The premise of the reality show is to help brands market themselves better. I worked with the producers of the show prior to launching my social media. Be sure to tune in and watch the show this month.


What advice would you give to aspiring designers?

Never give up and always be true to yourself. People start designing for what they think will sell and not what they are truly passionate about. I guarantee you that if you design with passion it will definitely sell.


Roberta Frey has been in business for almost four years.  She started in Bridal when she was 16 years old in high school and the rest is history. After being an instructor in New York for several years, she is now living out her dreams as one of the top bridal designers on the west coast and doing it all with what I like to call “Girl Power!”

To learn more about Roberta Frey designs visit her website and follow her on IG @Robertafreydesigns


Bridal Designer Roberta Frey Takes Over The West Coast

Top (l) Photo Credit: Roberta Frey; Bottom, (r) Jamie Y Photography; (l) Photo Credit: Jamie Y Photography, (r) Roberta Frey


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