Career Revival

Career Revival

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by Vannessa Wade


Is 2017 the Year for Career Revival?


Recently Sears, Kmart, MD. Anderson and The Limited all announced mass layouts leaving employees feeling nervous about their future. While a layoff or a career change can bring panic or doubt, there are things you can do to help settle your fears. Who knows, this may be the career revival you need.

David Casey lost his job at one of the worst times in history. He was a well-connected communications professional who had enough experience to last two lifetimes. “For every job that I applied for, there were 20 of me so I had competition. There were points when I didn’t know if I was going to crack.” It took nearly two years for Casey to find another permanent communications job, although he worked temporary jobs in between his job search. Thankfully, David rebounded and landed a great opportunity in his field late last year with great growth potential. His advice is to network and give back to those who have helped you. Also, to make sure that you are prepared ahead of time – résumé should be updated and current, social media profiles should be updated, and start searching the day you get the ax. Don’t wait! Job searches take time and time should not be wasted.

While Faye Benton wasn’t downsized like some of her colleagues, she found herself at a career crossroads. What started out as a volunteer opportunity led to something much bigger. After helping out at a daycare center, Benton was moved to open her own daycare 12 years ago. She started with one child and now enrollment tops 200 at three locations. Faye credits her mentor, Donna Paxton with encouraging her to stay in the game, even when it was tough. Faye made use of her accounting background to understand the accounting side of running a business. Like David, Faye credits having a strong support system as part of her success. In an area that has been written off as a drop out factory, she has created jobs for people within the community, helped families financially, and introduced children to life outside of their neighborhood. It took years of hard work, struggle and rejection – but it has paid off.

The fact that most people have experienced some type of career crisis in their lifetime, shouldn’t kill the hope of finding a new path and moving forward. Those going through this type of phase in their professional life must stay positive and focused on pursuing new goals.

This is the perfect opportunity to explore and even recreate yourself. “The loss of a job or an unexpected layoff is not the end of one story, in fact, it is the beginning of a new book that you now get to write and create your own ‘Happily Ever After’ ending,” shares Jinneh Dyson, Mental Health Advocate. “Whether it is pursuing the degree that you have put on hold, year after year, sharpening your resume and interviewing skills to leverage your potential in the job market, or finally taking that leap of faith and starting your own business. Whatever it is you can do it!  This is your time! Just focus, stay positive, and remember that you are ONE step away from greatness.”


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