Couple Raises Awareness About Infant Mortality

Couple Raises Awareness About Infant Mortality

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Danielle and Christopher Jones, authors of the forthcoming book, As Sure As Tomorrow Comes: One Couple’s Journey Through Loss and Love


Danielle and Christopher Jones were married for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer. They just never imagined they would experience all of those things in their first few years of marriage! Unemployment. A car accident. A terrifying medical diagnosis. The loss of a loved one. The death of their 10-day old son, Junior. Through it all, Danielle and Christopher held tightly to their faith, and to each other, taking each day and each step as it came and remaining committed not only to their marriage but to turning their pain into a positive for other families. Founders of the Angel Baby Network, Danielle and Christopher share their story to provide hope and inspiration for married couples and parents facing their own highs and lows. With candor, wit, and an indestructible sense of humor, the Joneses offer a model of perfect love in spite, and sometimes because of, life’s imperfections. -KiCam Projects 


You wrote the book, “As Sure as Tomorrow Comes: One Couple’s Journey Through Loss and Love.” Tell us about the meaning of the title and the subject matter for the book.  Couple Raises Awareness About Infant Mortality

The title of the book, “As Sure as Tomorrow Comes,” was inspired by Matthew 6:34, which talks about not being worried about tomorrow because tomorrow has enough worries of its own. To me, that verse reminds us to be focused on today and to cherish what happens in the present time. Tomorrow is going to show up no matter what and when it does, God’s grace is sufficient to carry us through whatever trouble might meet us there.




You had only been married a few short years when you were tested through unthinkable trials. Share with us what was going on in those moments?

As Chris and I walked through my breast health issues, his MS diagnosis, his car accident, the death of my grandfather and then the death of our son, I felt like our world was spiraling out of control. But even in the midst of the heartache, the pain and all of the crazy issues we always managed, to be honest about our feelings and what we were going through, while also maintaining our faith in God and our love for each other.


How has your faith strengthened your relationship? And how does your book help us to communicate better when facing hard times?

Our faith has strengthened our relationship with each other and with God. Anyone can stick together when life is easy but it takes deep commitment to walk through the trials of life with someone and stay with them when times are very hard. No matter what came our way, we believed in each other and we believed for the best for each other–individually and collectively. Our book is a story of two people who maintained their love for each other and who showed each other patience, understanding and encouragement towards one another. All of these are important in terms of communicating with a person when facing hard times.


Are there any platforms outside of the book where you provide information and awareness for those suffering from multiple sclerosis or losing an infant child?

In December of 2015, I started an organization, Angel Baby Network, to help other families who had experienced child loss. People can find our website at and they can also find us on Facebook under “Angel Baby Network.”


What do you want readers to take away from reading the book?

We want people to be encouraged and inspired after having read the book. We hope that our lives will inspire them to stay married through tough times, that they will be determined to overcome any challenges that happen in life and that they would know that God is always present with them even when it seems like He is far away.


Will there be any book promotions or speaking engagements for the book?

Yes, our book launch and book signing event will take place on Tuesday, April 25 at 7 pm at Joseph Beth Bookstore, located at 2692 Madison Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45208. We are always happy to speak about our book and our story when requested!  


Where can we stay connected?

You can find us on Facebook under “Angel Baby Network,” or by checking out our website:, or the KiCam1414website at As Sure As Tomorrow Comes: One Couple’s Journey through Loss and Love – KiCam Projects.



Preorder As Sure As Tomorrow Comes: One Couple’s Journey Through Loss and Love

The book release: April 25, 2017.  

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