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The Gratitude Journal


KimColesInsetPicture (800x533)Kim is already energizing the crowd at Natural Resources Salon with her bubbly personality. She’s got the microphone in her hand and delivering laughs with it, but what else would you expect from the comedian and actress.  With her natural hair twists framing her face and makeup complimentary to her features, she’s just what you expect her to be, good-nurtured and fun.  She continues to speak to the crowd before she makes her way to the front of the venue to sign personalized notes for her new book, The Gratitude Journal.  We hang around and busy ourselves with taking photos before catching up with her.  The last time we saw Kim was two years ago, but somehow it doesn’t seem like that much time has passed.  As we approach each other, she quickly looks up, smiles, and gives an enthusiastic greeting of, “Hello Twins.”



Kim’s Declaration

I went from being depressed to being really joyful about my life…

Many of us make resolutions while others go for a lifestyle change. We asked Kim which fits her best and it was actually neither. “I’m more of a declaration person,” says the actress.  “I think you can make a declaration on any day and at any time. We put too much pressure on ourselves for January 1, but we can always start now from where we are, with declarations to do better.”  This takes us into our next question about what led her to write her latest book because she talks about gratitude. We asked her exactly what does that mean. Pausing for just a moment before answering, Kim says she wrote The Gratitude Journal as part of her personal journey and the challenges she was experiencing.  Someone suggested to her that she keep a journal and in doing so, she said it helped her to “get out of the space of being in lack and in pain and into a space of abundance, joy, power and positivity.” Kim’s face lights up with excitement when she shares that gratitude is magical, a powerful tool for shifting our attitudes toward life and our problems. “You can be creative when you’re in a space of gratitude, which allows you to come up with solutions to those problems. I needed to use my gift of love and laughter to bring that to my readers.”

Kim’s gift to her readers is that you can snap into a whole other world through her book, which helps those who need a way to turn challenging days into better ones. She’s letting people know that, “there is a choice and that you don’t have to be a victim, but you can be the victor of your own life by making those choices powerful.” She voices in a sensitive tone that it will take a little bit of practice,  a reassurance to let her fans know that because it was a process for her, she’s supportive of those that are on a similar journey— adding that, “gratitude is a tool for life and it’s free!  She then jokes, “The book however, is fifteen dollars,” and we all laughed.

Kim had a few more guests to speak to before her evening ended so we exchanged hugs and see-you-later send offs.  For a person that is known to make others laugh, we’re glad that she found happiness through gratitude.


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