Delight in the beauty of growth

Delight in the beauty of growth

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by Simone Carter



We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” Maya Angelou


You are beautiful because of the numerous stages you have gone through to achieve beauty. You are a walking monument because your life has left a trail of struggle, pain, and confusion that has blossomed into wisdom, clarity, and true beauty. Take a moment and exhale so everyone can delight in the beauty that stands before them.


You are a walking monument that has gone through the stages of life. You were formed as an egg in your mother’s womb only to be birthed into the world that hates you. It hates you for what they think you’ll rise up to be and all the great possibilities that wait for the queen you are destined to be. But you press on with the help of a beautiful soul that has faced this world way before she came face to face with you. She taught you that the beauty within you would one day be the monument others couldn’t help but see so deep inside you.


Now you crawl around exploring all that draws your little attention. Fascinated by all that glitters and gold, she stands by knowing that you won’t be in this stage of life for too long.


When you took your first steps and she tried to be there every time you went for a fall. Soon you were running and exploring the unknown. Now a mother’s reach has to loosen so you can blossom without having your wings suffocated and costumed by a mothers love.


Not surprised, you have emerged into a beautiful adult ready to take the world storm by storm. You’ve had your falls, experienced pain and how the real world can make you feel cold and alone. Then you look up just as you did all those years ago and remember you were once an egg and she taught you that you are a walking monument meant to leave a trail of struggle, pain, and confusion that would later blossom into wisdom, clarity, and beauty.


Now inhale and exhale so everyone can delight in the beauty that stands before them.


My beautiful black butterfly!


Simone Carter is a graduate from Loyola University Chicago with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations & Advertising.  She is currently a Graduate student at Northwestern University Health Communications program.  Recently she launched Symone’s Spoken Fashion Blog to help empower all women because she believes fashion starts by you accepting the skin you are in so you can slay in the nakedness of your soul. She is a freelance writer for Sistah’s Place, Maya’s Blog Showcase, and Beautifully Said Magazine.  Simone is co-partner to Sistah’s Creative Media. 


Twitter: @simonethewriter

IG: @simonessence






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