Destiny’s Child Michelle Williams Seeks Treatment For Her Mental Health

Destiny’s Child Michelle Williams Seeks Treatment For Her Mental Health

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Michelle Williams is taking care of her mental health. The former Destiny’s Child singer posted to her Instagram account that she recently sought help from a great team of health professionals. While we are unsure of the treatment the “Say Yes” singer received, we applaud her courage in seeking help for depression. Something that she has dealt with for years. In October 2017, she spoke to the Beautifully Said Show about her struggle with depression and being suicidal at one point in her life. 

“My depression started between the ages of 12 and 14, but being that I was young, I didn’t know what to call it. Fast forward years later, at the height of Destiny’s Child fame, I couldn’t explain why I was sad.” Michelle clarified to our audience she dealt with suicidal thoughts after Destiny’s Child. Explaining, “It was important to clear up what the headlines were saying—in that I was suicidal during the time I was in the group. But that was not what happened. I didn’t want my band members to be blindsided with untruths, but I knew I could come on your show to have the story told right.” 

Williams is also a strong advocate for people dealing with mental health issues. And encouraging those suffering to seek help. With misconceptions regarding fame and having it all, many may have wondered why a singer who was a part of the biggest girl group of all time suffered depression? “Money does not cure depression and it is important that we remove ourselves from toxic environments, set boundaries, and even do things like turn off our phones to reactivate our bodies and brain,” she says. Williams also wanted the listeners to know in all that she was going through, she still considered herself blessed with all of her career success, and attributed gospel music as her safe haven for mental wellness along with therapy.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you Michelle! #depression #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters


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