Dominique Perry from HBO Show “Insecure” Attends Texas Black Expo

Dominique Perry from HBO Show “Insecure” Attends Texas Black Expo

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You can watch Dominique Perry on the hit HBO series “Insecure” with Issa Rae and Jay Ellis, but in the meantime, she recently paid a visit to her hometown—Houston, TX., to attend the Texas Black Expo. Held at the George R. Brown Convention Center, Perry was part of  the “Diva Dialogue” panel brought to you by MPAC founder, Jalene Mack. Beautifully Said Magazine the “Twins of Media” spoke to the actress where she shared why it was important for her to participate in the women’s forum, her current and upcoming television roles and the most joyful news of all…becoming a new mommy to a beautiful baby girl.    


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Texas Black Expo highlights:

Actress Dominique Perry from the hit HBO show "Insecure" at Texas Black Expo

Dominique Perry (top l); Diva Dialogue panel with MPAC founder—Jalene Mack (second from r); with Jalene Mack and Sky_Houston (Photo credit: Instagram/MPAC); Dominique with the Twins of Media



The Texas Black Expo is the largest African American trade show in Texas. It features celebrities, business networking and more. Visit

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