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For many of us, jewelry pieces are a part of our personality that holds sentimental value or a particular taste in design. It connects us to loved ones like our spouses or children with the significance of a celebrated occasion. Doriana Richman, owner of Stone Symbol Jewelry carries beautiful adornments that will make any wearer find inspiration. Her collection is all about unity and the love of people who love God. There’s a spiritual message in what her customers wear through finely crafted necklaces, earrings and rings. Take the piece “Cascade Unearthed Symbol Earrings,” made in 18k yellow gold and its design is the history of the symbol created from five significant Greek letters— Jesus, Christ, Son, God, Savior.  We’re loving the message behind these earrings we’re sure will be great conversation pieces when worn. Richman spoke with us about why it’s so important for her to incorporate spiritual elements in her jewelry line, how her collection is helping to narrow the division in our country, and what’s next for her growing business. 





You embarked on an amazing journey in 2005, through parts of Europe visiting beautiful cities and ancient ruins where your last stop was the excavated city of Ephesus. What motivated you to embark on these travels?


I was on a spiritual path. I was raised in a Christian household and therefore read the Bible and the teachings in the letters from St. John and St. Paul.  It instilled in me a great curiosity to see the historical sites from their times. When I saw the symbol, carved in stone and still visible after 2000 years I knew I had to share it with the world. The symbol is known to be the first sign of Christianity, Unity and a Spiritual birth of Humanity. Upon discovering the true meaning of this symbol I realized that I had to share it with the world. I love jewelry and I thought there would be no better way to get this message out than by making pieces of wearable history. I want people to feel like they are wearing an antiquity. Every piece is uniquely crafted to bear the mark of time. Stone Symbol will resonate with the “Spiritual Believers” and fulfill the desire that so many people have for a unifying connection.


The jewelry pieces in your Stone Jewelry Collection are very beautiful. It is the history of the symbol created from five significant Greek letters (Jesus, Christ, Son, God, Savior) which resonate with us through your company. What feedback have you received from customers pertaining to the spiritual element associated with each jewelry piece?


I have had incredible feedback from customers. The religious significance is obviously very powerful, but there is also the realization that this symbol represents a historical birth of our spiritual souls. That is a very powerful combination that seems to attract people in a very profound way.


The world seems oddly divided in today’s time. How does the Stone Jewelry Collection help to bridge that gap?


The true teaching of Jesus is that we are all sons and daughters of God. I do not and will not tolerate segregation and my collection speaks exactly to that position. Stone Symbol’s message of “UNIFYING OUR COLLECTIVE HEARTS” speaks to this belief.


Why do you feel it is important to represent a line of jewelry that speaks unity?

Today’s world unity, unfortunately, is on the decline. There always seems to be someone pointing out our differences as a weakness. Celebrating our differences will make us stronger. Jesus taught us that we are all one and in essence, this symbol represents that.


What is your favorite piece in the collection? Are you currently working on any new ones?


My favorite piece would have to be the Unity Ring and the Masterpiece Necklace.  They visually and spiritually represent the process of coming together, in one concept, one God.


Where do you see your company five years from now?


I recognize that Stone Symbol has the potential for worldwide acceptance. Within five years I fully expect our product line to have reached a universal marketplace.


Where can our readers learn more about your collection and upcoming events? (e.g. pop-up shops, trade shows, speaking engagements, charity etc.)?


Stone Symbol Jewelry line is represented on many of the social media sites. It is very exciting to see the acceptance grow. We will be involved in upcoming trade shows and speaking engagements which will be announced on all our various media sites.


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