Dr. Abraham Talks Kingdom Mental Health Summit

Dr. Abraham Talks Kingdom Mental Health Summit

Photo courtesy of Yves Abraham 


By La Trisha and La Tasha “Twins of Media”



Dr. Yves Abraham (Phd) is a licensed marriage and family therapist who is passionate about the mental wellness of others in a kingdom way. It’s why she’s on board for the first ever Kingdom Mental Health Summit  that takes place Wednesday, October 10. In fact, she gave her top three reasons why people should be a part of the event in a recent conversation with Beautifully Said.


Kingdom Perspective— God desired and mandated for every human being to function in wholeness. This is where we can let the leaders of the churches know there is nothing wrong with psychology and therapy is not the enemy.  There is nothing wrong with inviting God (the holy spirit) into the sessions because He is the ultimate healer. 


Society Perspective— This is where we take it from the Kingdom perspective into our society. There are too many episodes of depression and suicidal thoughts people go through which result in 123 suicides a day. Something has to be shifted. Something has to be done. We have to let people know it’s okay to ask for help and not feel ashamed. The Kingdom Mental Health Summit is here to remove the stigma; to let people know if they are struggling with anything it is okay and to get help.  


Raising a Legacy— Children follow the behaviors of the adults around them. You can tell a child to do something, but they will watch what you are doing. They will copy what you do more than what you say. So in terms of mental health there is an epidemic even with children. There are more children now diagnosed with ADHD than we’ve ever had in America. What is happening is the anxiety and the struggles the adults are facing is also affecting the children. 


Dr. Abraham…because laughter is the best medicine. Please share with our readers the last time you literally laughed out loud? 

“Today!” And you are so right. Laughter is medicine. Joy is inside each of us to pull out.



The Kingdom Mental Health Summit is today. There is still time to be a part of this important event. Click here for registration information. Attendees can also register at the door.

Dr. Abraham Talks Kingdom Mental Health Summit


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Dr. Yves Abraham PH.D, LMFT— In over 20 years of successful work with community health organizations, Dr. Yves Abraham has helped a wide variety of adults, couples, children and families both from a psychological and a spiritual perspective. She holds a Doctorate degree in Fine Arts from Friends International Christian University, a Master degree from Nova Southeastern University in Marriage and Family Therapy, a Master’s in Human Resource Management & Labor Relations from New York Institute of Technology, and is sought after internationally as a minister and speaker.

Dr. Yves is the Chancellor of Eden Christian University–an institution which focuses on educating students for life: Spirit, Soul and Body. She is also the CEO of Lifeline Center, a private practice that focuses on utilizing therapeutic tools to provide hope for every season of life.




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