Dr. Toscha Dickerson: Author of “Sisterhood: Traveling the Scarlet Road to an Authentic Life”

Dr. Toscha Dickerson: Author of “Sisterhood: Traveling the Scarlet Road to an Authentic Life”

Dr. Toscha Dickerson is an author, certified professional life coach, therapist and President/CEO of  a non-profit organization called S.T.R.E.S.S.O.U.T. Photo: Dr. Toscha Dickerson


by Twins of Media


Having recently celebrated her first book release in Houston, Dr. Toscha Dickerson plans to tell her story to the masses. She spoke with Beautifully Said Magazine to explain why she picked the subject on sisterhood as it pertains to own life transparencies. Read more here.


Q: Tell us who is Dr. Toscha Lee Dickerson?

A: Dr. Dickerson is a visionary who loves uniting people together to make a difference in each other’s life.

Q: You authored Sisterhood: Traveling the Scarlet Road to an Authentic Life, in which you describe the read as…

A: It is a read that will make you search within yourself to find your deepest unresolved feelings as well as holding you accountable for those goals and aspirations.

Q: Who is your audience for the book?

A: While this book can certainly be read by anyone, my targeted audience is young girls and women of all ages.

Q: Why was it important for you to write about sisterhood?

A: It was important for me because this allowed me to release some negative energy that I wasn’t aware that I was holding on to in my life.  It was definitely a catharsis to write my personal stories.

Q: What do you want women and men to learn after having read the book? 

A: I want anyone who has read the book to walk away with the knowledge that it is fine to not be perfect, it is fine to want more for yourself, it is fine to release negative/bad people from your life.  The lesson to take away from this book is that we are all imperfect in this world, but as long as we continue to support each other and do the best we can, our father in heaven recognizes this and will continue to give us favor and grace.

Q: Tell us what you loved most about sharing your work with the people who attended the “Sisterhood” Book release?

A: The best thing for me in sharing my work is the vulnerability that I released and how many people were able to relate to my personal truths! This was an eye opener for me to validate the thing that I already knew and that is, “We are more alike than we are different”. By sharing your story you can truly help someone else.

Q: What were some of the event highlights from the “Sisterhood” Book Release Celebration?

A: Some of my most memorable highlights were the conversations that the married couples shared about relationships and how they approached marriage from a single life.  Speaking on how much influence your girlfriends actually have on a relationship and last but not least the presentation and gift given to the young lady Nece Reese who graduated from Prairie View A&M School of Nursing. 


Breaking All The Rules Panel Discussion & “Sisterhood” Book Release Celebration


Q: Name some of your influences for writing?

A: Some of my influences are Maya Angelou, Tony Morrison, Kimberly Lawson Roby, and Dr. Cindy Trimm to name a few.

Q: If you could meet one writer, living or deceased, who would that person be and why?

A: I would love to sit and speak with Maya Angelou because of the knowledge and wisdom she had was so profound.

Q: What is something you learned about yourself writing this book?

A: I learned that I am not Superwoman.  In all that I do, I try to be the best at everything that is presented to me and I have to realize that it is okay to say, No. My personal time is important and I have to find time for self-care and my family.

Q: How important is family?

A: Family is my number one priority to make sure they are supported and have everything they need. 

Q:  In what ways do you receive support doing what you do as an entrepreneur and author?

A: My support system is very strong.  I have days that I don’t feel like going because it gets very hard, but my husband is my number one cheerleader.  He pushes me to the limit because he knows firsthand of what I am capable of doing.  My sisters, my mom, my tribe is so supportive of me and my team continues to grow.

Q: Advice for spouses supporting their significant other’s dreams?

A: My advice would be to give as much support as you possibly can to your spouse or significant other because it makes it so much easier.  I can’t tell you how much stress is lifted off me because I have the support from my husband and not have to worry about doing something that he is not in agreement with.  Support is major when you decide to walk out on Faith and do something you have always dreamed of doing.

Dr. Toscha Dickerson: Author of "Sisterhood: Traveling the Scarlet Road to an Authentic Life"

Sisterhood: Traveling the Scarlet Road to an Authentic Life book table (l); Twins of Media: Trisha & Tasha with Event Coordinator, Meka Diamond; Breaking all the Rules Panel (top r); Dr. Toscha Dickerson with Nece Reese (bottom l); Dr. Tosha Dickerson’s husband, KP Ctb Dickerson (bottom r)


Q: Who do you lean on when you need to replenish your energy?

A: I lean on my husband and my closest girlfriends.  I have a tribe that is amazing. The ladies that are mentioned in my personal truths are definitely those who give me advice, strength, and energy to keep going.

Q: What do you like to do in your downtime?

A: In my downtown, I like to go and visit my family in Louisiana or my girlfriends in Dallas or even take a trip with my husband. 

Q: Name a favorite place you like to travel?

A: My favorite place is Jamaica, but if we can’t do an out of the country trip, then I settle for Vegas with my hubby or my girlfriends.

Q: Tell us something funny that recently happened to you?

A: I was preparing for the book signing event and everything that could have delayed me in any way did just that.  I was held up that morning when I went to get my hair done, nails, makeup and my dress did not want to function properly.  Anything you could think of to make me irritable happened that day, but I made it!!

Q: What is something about you most people do not know?

A: People do not know that I am no good with following driving directions.  As a professor and an entrepreneur who is always giving directives to follow; I am not the person to ask for help if you are lost. 

Q: In what other ways will you promote the book? 

A: I would like to go on tour to the colleges and universities to speak to young girls to give them words of inspiration, encouragement, and wisdom.

Q: Will there be a follow up? 

A: I will continue to promote my book until it reaches the masses.

Q: How can readers stay connected?

A: Readers can connect with me on the website of www.drtoschadickerson.com. www.women4us.org or IG: drtoschadickerson and  FB: Toscha Lee-Dickerson


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Dr. Toscha Dickerson: Author of "Sisterhood: Traveling the Scarlet Road to an Authentic Life"




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