Eddie Murphy’s New Reggae Single

September 5, 2013

By La Tasha (Asha) Taylor, Editor



eddie Murphy-20130628-108Eddie Murphy with new music?  That’s not something usually said about the actor/comedian whose last musical endeavors included  his 1985 debut album, How Could It Be, which spawned the smash hit “Party All the Time.”   Okay, I’ll admit, when I first heard he had a reggae single out and with Snoop Lion…well, let’s just say,  “I wasn’t sure about how it would sound.”   I mean Eddie and Snoop creating a reggae tune, how authentic could this be?  I was being a  bit premature in my thoughts because I don’t even listen to reggae so then is when I decided to take a listen.   To my surprise, “I actually like the song!”  Again, I don’t know much about reggae and in no means wish to disrespect the genre of music- but I believe Eddie and Snoop did a good job. The song is catchy and I found myself moving along to the sounds which temporarily took me on a mental vacation and away from the project I’m presently working on.


The comedian and actor released the new tune, “Red Light” featuring Snoop Lion just a day ago. The reggae jam with the smooth “socially conscious” lyrics is the first single from Murphy’s upcoming album, 9, according to his verified Twitter account.

Eddie Murphy’s account has been inactive since it was created earlier this year but a tweet about his new music was posted to his 2,575 followers.


Listen to “Red Light” here and let us know if you’re swaying along to its tune.


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