The weekend of (July 27th, 2013) in Los Angeles, Magic Johnson hosted an event honoring high achieving minority youth throughout the United States who have earned the Magic Johnson Foundation’s (MJF) Taylor Michaels Scholarship. This marks the 15th anniversary of the program, which is named after MJF’s late COO and works to develop future leaders by supporting socioeconomically challenged promising youth through the completion of their college degree with financial aid and year-round, life-long mentorship.


mjfawards2013-154Johnson took the stage to talk about his own personal barriers to reaching success before surprising student Makiah Green, who attended USC and is the 2nd in her family to graduate from a 4 year anniversary, with a brand new FIAT car. 


Highlighted (below) are a few students who were honored at the event and who earned degrees from Carnegie Mellon, Ohio State, and Temple, among others, along with a video below with b-roll from the event  with a clip of Makiah Green winning the car and an interview with Magic Johnson about the program and why supporting minority leaders long term is important  

Taylor Michaels Scholarship Program 2013 Graduates – Student Highlights

Candace Whaley
Thanks to the TMSP, Candace was able to graduate from the University of Texas at Austin with the skills and resources necessary to become a successful and productive professional. Overcoming a traumatic pregnancy that resulted in miscarriage at a very young age, Candace plans to pursue a MBA/MHA and become an executive at a major hospital system.

Lauren Bailey
Thanks to the TMSP, Lauren was able to graduate from the University of West Georgia completely debt free.  Lauren is returning to Marietta to begin a job as a 4th grade teacher. During the summers, she plans to audition for Broadway to pursue her other passion, the arts, which she found comfort in after the passing of her father at a young age.

Moriah Lark
Thanks to TMSP, Moriah is motivated and prepared to continue her education and achieve her M.B.A. degree from Hampton University. She contributes her growth and overcoming shyness to the people and resources of the Taylor Michaels Scholarship Program.

Thien Nguyen
Thanks to TMSP, Thein was able to overcome the obstacle of adapting to his move to America at the age of sixteen, graduating from Ohio State University. He is now preparing to begin his Doctor of Pharmacy degree.

N’Keya Peters
Thanks to TMSP, N’keya was able to fund her undergraduate career and obtain a degree from Temple University. She plans to pursue a Master of Social Work degree and return to her hometown in NY to help families in need.

Joseph Robertson
Thanks to TMSP, Joseph was able to afford and attain a degree from Carnegie Mellon University, one of America’s most expensive and most selective universities.  He plans to use the leadership skills developed by TMSP to continue his education, obtain a Masters in Education, and eventually bridge the gap of disconnect between teachers and students, overall improving the education system.

Video from 15th Anniversary Event: Vimeo 

Photo credits:  Alexander ilao / Red Carpet Photo Shoot

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