Embracing Innate Gifts

Embracing Innate Gifts

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The power of embracing our innate gifts and mastering them will give us the freedom, joy, passion, and flexibility that no job can offer to us.


Embracing Innate Gifts


 Many of us are taught during our upbringing to do well in school, attend college and get a good job to take care of our families.  It is very sad to say that many of us blindly follow this road map to so – called success without investing in ourselves or our gifts.  Sooner or later the day comes when there is a layoff on the job or downsizing. This reality is common today more than ever. We have put more time and effort investing in someone else’s dreams and passions and not enough time into ourselves.  I believe school is a great tool for us to use to help catapult our lives to another level, but I’m very passionate that the combination of school and investing in our innate gifts will catapult us to levels far beyond sight!

The power of embracing our innate gifts and mastering them will give us the freedom, joy, passion, and flexibility that no job can offer to us.  The key is finding out what that innate gift is. What is your passion? What skill or craft you possess that brings you joy even if you were to do it for free?  The answer to those two questions just might have you on the road to finding your innate gift.  I can tell you from experience that your innate gift will drive a hunger in you for more knowledge and have you reading every book that you can get your hands on.  Your drive for mastering it will go to another level and people around you will start to take notice and will be drawn towards you.  This is when your expertise in that craft or skill can become monetized. Doesn’t it sound great to be doing something that you love and enjoy doing for free, but make money doing it than to work for someone and not know what the future may hold?  I think so!


Now, as parents, we want to make sure that we teach our children to invest in themselves and their innate gifts as soon as they are out of diapers, because the sooner the better!  I also think it is pivotal that we listen to the ideas of our children because they are very intelligent and sometimes from the generational gap we as parents may not understand their thinking, but we must research, appreciate and support the ideas that they bring into conversations.  The last thing we want to do as parents are to shatter their dreams, because of our lack of understanding at times.  We must continue to encourage our youth to invest in themselves and by doing so, they are investing in the community and eventually money will circulate more between each other. 


Avery Washington was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and is one of the most respected authors of today. He’s written a number of books detailing strong father and daughter relationships like his bestseller “Letters To My Daughters: Poetic Affirmations of Love from A Father.”  Washington resides in Katy, TX with his wife and three daughters. 


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