Exclusive: David and Tamela Mann

Exclusive: David and Tamela Mann

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Married duo David and Tamela Mann are so much in sync with one another they’ve mastered completing each other’s thoughts without interruption. Whether hanging out on set or traveling on the road to their next event these two never mind spending time together. We recently spoke with the couple before the season premiere of their reality show “The Manns” on TVOne.


We want to show we can live in harmony sure, there are issues that we have but there is a way to solve those issues


The Mann takeover is what David Mann has called this season of their shows Mann & Wife and The Manns which air on BounceTV and TVOne respectively. What viewers can expect from both shows is the same quality of family television with teachable moments. “We want to show some good clean wholesome television,” says, David. A point he makes because he and Tamela want to show that not all black folks are ratchet or dysfunctional when seen on television. We want to show we can live in harmony sure, there are issues that we have but there is a way to solve those issues. Ditto! says Tamela in laughter but the Grammy award winning singer couldn’t agree with her husband more. We want to encourage families that they can work together and get along. She likes that with the reality show it lets people see you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have family fun…” it’s the little creative things you have around the house where you can enjoy each other.” 

With grandkids and adult children, it’s important for the Mann’s to put the “fun” in dysfunctional if only to have a good time and again, get along. Such is the case with the sitcom as both David and Tamela continue to have storylines that show how blended families can indeed work. Relatable situations where the stepkids finally say mom or dad which David says, “you don’t ever want to force that…you leave it up to the kids.” 

And how do the Mann’s continue to maintain balance personally and professionally? Our marriage is priority says Tamela, first of all, it’s God then our marriage and everything else sort of falls in place;. and We never try to balance marriage with our careers (nothing ever gets the same weight), adds David. 

When asked what surprises them in regards to the success of both shows? Tamela says her kids and how well they’ve adapted to the cameras while filming the reality show. “Their lives are evolving and I’m learning from them as well,” and David says what continues to surprise him whether it’s the sitcom, the reality show, tours or Tamela’s music is… “the support of the people. Both him and Tamela are grateful because they feel it comes from them being relatable to their fans. We have ups and downs and obstacles like everybody else and so we really appreciate the support of our fans because we couldn’t do it without them…we couldn’t do it without you guys. Family is all you have so it’s important to support each other!

Before these two were off to their next venture David responded to the question about presenting a united front on social media saying, Stop putting your business on Facebook and by this, he means to stop beating each other up verbally in such a public way. He advises his own kids that sometimes the best response is no response when it comes to negative comments. And speaking of advice the Mann’s have this to say about families who decide to work together. “Keep it up!” says, Tamela. Even when the hard times come or you have disagreements…you have to learn to agree to disagree but keep going! Keep striving higher! It’s something the Mann’s say their family does together as a team to stay a team.


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