Exclusive: Singer MAJOR. New Album “Even More” To Debut Sept. 7

Exclusive: Singer MAJOR. New Album “Even More” To Debut Sept. 7

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There is much to be said about an artist who recognizes the great impact media can have in support of their music. This is the case with singer/songwriter MAJOR. whose album “Even More” debuts Sept. 7. 

“First of all thank you for being interested in speaking with me,” says the singer. I’ve been on this journey for quite sometime. It’s not the easiest as an independent artist and I am grateful for the support.”  

When explaining his new music, MAJOR. shares the same sentiment he expressed with Billboard.com. “Even More is my official statement to the world that hope, love and culture in our future is not at all lost. It’s like my heroes; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder…and that is I accepted my call. I am here to bring love through every lyric, melody and moment. I believe my time is no better than now to communicate that type of message with everything that’s going on in the world. The world is hurting. We need a little more love and a whole lot more hope.”

Speaking of Stevie Wonder, we asked MAJOR. how he felt when the musical legend declared “Why I Love You” as the wedding song of the year—along with how it resonates with his fans? “It resonates because it is an expression of who God is to all people. I think people understand love is available and accessible to anyone willing to embrace it,” he says. “All I did was give my fans a soundtrack with instructions through my music on how to get there.” (laughs) 

MAJOR. says, “the song as Stevie Wonder understands it, is first a love letter to God. I write my songs as love letters to God first and then I get permission to share it with humanity. I believe if I can have a conversation with God it’s a conversation the world needs to have as well. Everyone has to do their part. It’s the gold print of how we should do this love thing. 

Even More is a music project that showcases great singles like the chart topper “Honest.” It’s a beautiful song and we asked MAJOR. to tell us the inspiration behind it. The backdrop: “Honest” is the why to “Why I love You.” Before you jump into a situation with anybody you need to be able to embrace and roll with the true you. There is putting on a presentation to accommodate expectations and the pressures of the next person. At the end of the day, if you are not holding on to the true you—it becomes a mental journey.” Patti LaBelle once shared with me something to the effect of; The hardest thing to hold on to in life is a lie. “If we speak the truth it becomes easier. The truth is liberating. It sets you free.” adding, “That’s why I wrote Honest to get people to be free before they accept that Why I Love You type love.”

MAJOR. shares that though his songs are often referred to as timeless ballads—that was not his intent when creating songs. “I think whenever you write from a place of truth it will become a classic. It’s going to be around for a long time.” He mentions the song “What a Wonderful World,” a song about hope through the lens of optimism. “That song can be sung at any point and you feel it’s still fresh. It’s still here. Like it can live forever!” 

Fans are in for a musical treat with Even More. What other artist can combine the influences of trap music and the big band sounds of Nat King Cole or Sinatra into a song like “Better With You In It?” MAJOR. that is…the singer admits he studied such old-time greats to mix a little bit of yesterday with today. “Everyone needs a turn-up anthem!” Then there’s the duet: Why I Love You (REMIX) Feat. NSTASIA – Produced by Harmony “H Money” Samuels. 

MAJOR. continues to deliver great music with this new album. His smooth baritone (falsetto) voice we know will be around for decades. So how does the man who sings about love so often— keep laughter in his world? “The last time I literally LOL was with my mother,” he says. “We were reminiscing about an old friend of hers (my Godmother) who sadly was transitioning, but we found so much laughter through her personality and the things she said while here on earth. 


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