“Family Time” Season 5 Premiere

“Family Time” Season 5 Premiere

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Omar Gooding Jr. is trying to get in what he needs to say in the interview while the baby is quiet [Laughter]. “Fans will definitely like season five!” he says. Omar plays character Anthony Stallworth alongside TV wife Lisa (Angell Conwell) on the Bounce TV sitcom Family Time. His take on the years he’s been a part of the number one rated comedy on the network? “I’ve grown since the start of the show.” adding, “This season there will be more kissing on the couch,” between Mr. and Mrs. Stallworth.  

“I think in the wake of all the tragedies happening and with our current administration people need to laugh,” says Omar who is proud of the direction the show has taken. “We’re funnier than ever (…and I’m not just saying that because I wrote one of the scripts [laughter]). The writing is great and I just think after so many seasons we’ve found our groove.” Co-star Paula Jai Parker who plays Lori on the sitcom says, “the characters of Omar and Angell are her ‘favorite’ television couple because they represent “real” black love; something creator Bentley Kyle Evans and the cast believes makes their show familiar and relatable. “Art imitates life,” says the writer and producer. “Most of us come from some sort of family type environment where everybody’s got different stories to share in regards to their family dynamic,” Bentley says his writing comes from situations that have taken place in his family or from different people who tell him about their family. “You take that fiction and you put a little bit of a non-fiction spin on it and you get these storylines.” Tanjareen Thomas who plays Rachel along with Angell pretty much agree with the rest of the cast when it comes to the real black love shown on Family Time. Angell shares: “The thing I like about sitcoms (situation communication) is no matter what is going on at the beginning of the show (no matter how big or small the problem), by the end of the show there is going to be some type of resolve and it’s because of the communications that happen within the 30-minutes of the show.” 

“We’re like The Cosby Show with a belt, we get it in,” jokes Omar. Angell adds, “Our parenting on the show is very relatable to those who watch because we do communicate and work to solve real-life problems through television.” We asked Omar how does he feel about his character being a good model as a husband and father whose stays..or in other words not having been killed off or facing divorce? He mentions first, the story of his parents married, divorced and then remarried. Omar’s father passed away the earlier part of this year. He says, “I listened to my father and my strong black mother raised me.” A takeaway from his portrayal of his tv role. “It’s important to show unions like what I knew and to show it’s not just fictional,” Omar says it’s working through your problems and coming back home is what’s important whether it’s on the small screen or in real life. “It (playing this character) is near and dear to my heart.” With the sweet sounds of the baby in the background, Omar’s moving about while on the line only to explain, “Sorry I was washing dishes (bottles). This family thing is getting real [Laughter]!”


This season will feature a variety of notable guest stars including singer-songwriter and TV personality Tameka “Tiny” Harris, TV host Fonzworth Bentley and Gospel great Shirley Ceasar. Fans will also see a new family dynamic now that the kids are older Devin (Bentley Kyle Evans, Jr.) heads to college and Ebony (Jayla Calhoun) tackles high school. Watch the Season 5 Premiere Tonight on Bounce TV 9/8c


"Family Time" Season 5 Premiere




Video courtesy of Bounce TV

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