“I never want to sit in a setback but I believe in a comeback” ── Debbie Honore on enduring Hurricane Katrina and where she is now as a business owner.


Debbie Honore’s smile is the first thing you notice when you meet her. A personality just as vibrant as the color scheme of her fashion boutique, Shoe Fetage’ which houses women’s clothing, shoes, and all things accessories. Located in Houston, TX, it is a journey that was not in her original plan, that is, until 7 years ago when Hurricane Katrina would uproot her to perhaps her place of purpose.

In fact, she has been journaling for several years always writing what was on her mind.  It was at these times she would speak to God to say what it is she wanted for her future. “I would think of products I wanted to carry and the location where I wanted my business to be.  It was three years ago that she drove up to the location that is now her place of business, where she sat in her car and received confirmation that this is exactly where she was supposed to be.  This was great news for the Debbie who prior had relocated to Atlanta, GA post Katrina.  During the course of her stay there, she would find herself going back and forth from Atlanta to Louisiana as she tried to piece her life back together and find where her family would live on a more permanent basis.  Debbie decided that her next move would be to Houston and she has been here ever since.

Road to entrepreneurship…

Debbie’s taste for fashion started in her childhood where she always liked to play dress up.  Dressed with style and confidence during our interview, it was easy to see how she was nominated in high school for Best Dressed. She would go on to say, “ I’ve always had a passion for fashion, dressing myself and dressing others as well – something I had foreseen myself doing  years ago.”  In my business, I do fashion through my company but I also do styling and personal shopping as well for my customers.


Looking at the man in the mirror…

When asked does she feel an obligation to help woman feel good about themselves aside from the outer appearance, Debbie does say that she has a very diverse clientele and that when a customer comes into her boutique, she encourages them that feeling good about yourself starts with the man in the mirror or in other words take a look at self.  “If self isn’t right we cannot be right with anyone else.”  Debbie says,  “Let’s look in the mirror together to make sure we have ourselves together because if I’m not right then I cannot be right with you!”  Many women have issues with body image and self-esteem and so when we asked Debbie about this she replied, “I was not always where I am currently, I was much heavier and I actually show people pictures of what I use to look like.” It is because she wants to encourage woman to take care of themselves, to eat properly and to exercise more.  “I come across woman that I meet that don’t always have someone to motivate them and so I find myself doing more than just styling and wardrobe because I have to speak to people in other ways.”

“This is only the beginning” ── How Debbie feels about the future of her boutique, Shoe Fetage’ after celebrating her 3-year anniversary.

Debbie said that because of her journey to where she is today, the anniversary of her business feels more like thirty years instead of three <laughs>. “It seems like it has been forever!” but she goes on to say that she loves coming to Shoe Fetage’ every single day even reflecting on those who said it would not succeed. “I lost count of those people and even today I still have the naysayers but if you listen to the negativity you will not get what God has planned for you.” Debbie prepares her days with saying The joy of the Lord is my strength. “I am ready for the world!”

Her words for other entrepreneurs or those wanting to go into business is, “To never give up, never listen to negativity, that we can do anything we put our minds to and to always surround yourself with positive people. “

Now that makes perfect Fashion sense!  Congratulations on 3-years in business. Beautifully Said Magazine wishes you many more anniversaries to come!

Beautifully Said with Debbie Honore


Ready to have Debbie Honore style your next look. Visit her boutique located at:  11191 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX  77042.  (713) 977-7430. Debbie also speaks on occasion at various events throughout the city on image, styling and fashion.  Not in the Houston area, visit the company website:

Bridgett Joe of S. Charles Public Relations for Shoe Fetage’ with Debbie Honore.

Photo credit: Kris Carter of Kristyles Photography

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