#FashionFriday -Accessorizing Your Wardrobe on a Budget

#FashionFriday -Accessorizing Your Wardrobe on a Budget

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Looking good is a must in an ‘oh so trendy’ world, but how can the average person afford to look good every day? My suggestion would be to wear what you already have in your closet but accessorize your wardrobe to make your clothing look chic. Accessorizing can give your outfit a whole new look. Take a look at how some outfits can be accessorized.

#FashionFriday -Accessorizing Your Wardrobe on a Budget

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Accessorizing can get a bit pricey so CharmingCharlie is a good place to shop. Everything in the store is color coordinated and they always have a sale on their jewelry.

#FashionFriday -Accessorizing Your Wardrobe on a Budget

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If you’re an online shopper than Amazon might be perfect for you, their online deals are always the best. A lot of my family and friends shop  Amazon for their accessories.

#FashionFriday -Accessorizing Your Wardrobe on a Budget

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If you’re already a thriftier than you know that thrift shopping can be great when trying to find big bargains. Lots of people such as myself donate trendy and name brand apparel to thrift stores frequently, Goodwill is usually my go to for donations.

Ladies, it’s not always about spending the most money on your wardrobe. Looking good doesn’t have to be expensive and remember it’s not about the clothing you wear but the women in the clothing. You can rock whatever you want and be sure to love it. Have the confidence to go out and feel beautiful and make things happen. Be a girl boss! 


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