Founder of Metamorphosis, Inc., Mia Wright Empowers Women Beyond Borders

Founder of Metamorphosis, Inc., Mia Wright Empowers Women Beyond Borders



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Women all around the world need the same thing 



Mia Wright lives a life of purpose remembering the words her mother spoke… ““Never say it’s impossible.” “If you have a heart and mind to do it, you can.” “Absolutely nothing can stand in the way of a determined woman!” The founder of Metamorphosis, Inc., and Houston resident is also Co-Pastor and Director of Ministry at the Fountain of Praise, as well as a sought after national motivational speaker and work/faith/life balance coach. Mia shares with Beautifully Said how her organization for women and teen girls is a global message for women to feel empowered.


Your Metamorphosis Conference is based in Houston, TX and the annual event takes place March 2nd and 3rd. Please give us the history of both organizations, Metamorphosis, Inc., and Meta2 Girls?

Metamorphosis Conference is a women’s empowerment conference that is a part of our organization Metamorphosis, Inc., with programs for women and teen girls that include our compassion Outreach Project and international programs. All of these grew out of our women’s conferences in the church about 16-years ago and in that time period, we started to see there was a greater need beyond our church walls into our community and also on an international realm where God continued to expand our borders. One area that makes the conference slightly unique is tying in the inspirational and practical portion to address the full needs of women. This year we will be presenting, Dispelling the Myth of the Strong Black Woman which is a part of our empowerment series. We all know women who have tried to carry too much weight; work, family….finances and all of this settles on our shoulders where we get burned out and don’t know how to ask for help. How do we learn to ask for help to break the superwoman syndrome where we can give and receive help? What if it’s more emotional or mental and professional help is needed? And so when we recognize this within ourselves or recognize it in others like our sisters, friends, family members or co-workers we say to them, I think you need some help!  To address this need there will be counselors, therapists and an owner from an outsource clinic who is a part of the panel. 

The goal for Meta2 Girls as a part of the organization is to make good and knowledgeable decisions. How do we prevent teenage girls from making the mistakes a lot of us made in our youth? We give them the information to make good and better decisions than what we made. To be honest, there are somethings these girls are facing that we didn’t have to face. There are things that are a part of their day- to-day that was not a part of our story. So we’re trying to give them the tools and the resources that are necessary for them to make smart decisions for their lives. For example: How do you present yourself? Your presentation? Who are you? We talk to the girls about self-esteem and understanding who they are and their self-worth. Once we address this we then teach them about their public presentation. What you do and say in public whether it’s the dos and don’t of social media, in school, church, with family or your community. How do you present yourself? Are you negative? Promiscuous? We teach the girls that who they are should align to the same person and we have begun to see a lot of them value their self-worth where they start to tell other young women to follow the same. Services and information provided to the girls include etiquette, public speaking, relationships and makeup. It’s a cool program for what the girls receive and if applied properly they can make good decisions for the rest of their lives.


Why is also important for you to deliver your message on a global platform?

God opened the door for me to be able to share my message first, in Tanzania and on the hill of that was Brazil. When I went to those two countries meeting the women and young girls I realized women all around the world need the same thing. We need opportunity, direction, encouragement, belief and vision. Though we may speak different languages and our lives may be expressed differently, we pretty much need the same thing. After God gave me those exposures to go into others countries they (the women and youngs girls) I met began to ask for it. On that trip, we took ten people and did a 3-day workshop with women who came with their babies strapped to them who rode on the back of rice and bean trucks, women who came from miles away. They stayed overnight for 3-days at a tin roof church with a mud floor. It was cold…but they stayed! These women were there every day eager and willing to hear stories of other women who could empower them.


How did that experience change you and your perspective about life? How did it make you feel?

Wow! It changed my life in a major way. Let me say, it wasn’t just the women. The children who when we went to their schools to visit— would follow us because they were so hungry and starved for attention and for learning.  Then there were a group of young men who were a part of a soccer game and they came every day…they just showed up! They said, “we want to know about the God of Noah.” Each day they came back they brought more friends. What this did was open up my eyes to see the need and the hunger beyond the physical because it was a very poverty stricken area where we were. There was a spiritual need that was so great that these people would make their way, sacrifice and do whatever it took to get there to hear a word from God. It also made me think how spoiled Americans have become with the availability of God’s word as well as choosing an opportunity. We don’t value it in the manner of the people who don’t get it. It’s free for us. It’s open for us. We have every opportunity. The church is everywhere. But for the people who don’t have that opportunity, they’re starving for it…they’re hungry for it. The experience made me value what I have even more so. 


In all of your leading and empowering women who do you go to so that you’re replenished to continue the work that you do?

I love that! Thanks for asking that question. I am actually filled by several of my mentors; Dr. Elaine Flake,  Dr. Claudette Copeland, Dr. Gina Stewart and Dr. Cynthia Hale. They offer their own conferences as one and so I’ll attend theirs if the time allows. Dr. Hales puts it together and they all co-convene for a Women in Ministry Conference which is once a year. I am a regular attendee there and so that is my infill. And where I can support my other friends that are hosting other events or conferences and not have to be an active participant and just be able to come, sit and receive, I’m there as well.


Mia Wright give us your definition of a leader?

Someone who understands, respects and accepts the responsibility given to them to institute change in people’s lives.


Thank you for being a leader. And thank you for speaking with Beautifully Said Magazine!


Emerge! Elevate! Evolve! Experience!

For 16 Years Metamorphosis Conference has inspired women to make positive changes that empower them for life! Celebrate 16 years of inspiration, transformation and celebration on Thursday – Friday, March 2nd – 3rd, 2017 in Houston Texas. This conference will be life changing as impactful workshops, relevant panels and inspiring keynote speakers will bring together the message – LIVE YOUR CHANGE! 

For more information visit Metamorphosis 2017 Conference | Follow @metaconf



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