Gabby Douglas Biopic

Gabby Douglas Biopic

February 1, 2014

By Beautifully Said Team


Gabby Douglas Biopic


The Gabby Douglas Story is a Lifetime movie that follows the story of the Olympic star rise to “gymnastics” stardom.

Douglas is played by Imani Hakim from Everybody Hates Chris and Sydney Mikayla. The biopic takes you on fierce-fivea journey of the many obstacles Douglas had to face in life and also the triumphs as she became one of the “Fierce Five” at the 2012 Olympics.

The 19-year-old Olympic gymnast’s biopic also reveals  the financial challenges her mom went through as she worked to keep up with the costly expenses of Gabby’s gymnastics career all while raising three three other siblings. Douglas’ mother in the biopic is played by actress Regina King, who revealed on the Today Show on Friday that she spent hours on the phone with Douglas’ mother to prepare for the role.

Douglas is currently training for the next Olympics but she spoke on how important it was to meet with the writers of the movie during production because she wanted to make sure that her story was told in truth.

Douglas is an amazing young lady and to be 19-years old with a biopic of her life is an honor for the gold medal gymnast. “It’s just so crazy and insane but it’s also like an amazing feeling. I never would’ve thought I’d have a movie on TV about my life story,” said Douglas.

The Gabby Douglas Story aired Saturday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime.


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