Get Oprah’s Golden Globes Hair and Facial Make-Up Look

Get Oprah’s Golden Globes Hair and Facial Make-Up Look

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By: Shadana Chaney 


First and foremost Oprah’s look was extremely stunning at the Golden Globes from head to toe. To top it off, she gave a moving speech that has now been uploaded to Spotify – a digital music service that gives you access to millions of songs. Oprah never seems to disappoint and this Golden Globes look did not fall short of anything but fabulous. This look is most certainly attainable. 

Oprah’s hair regimen: The media mogul has admitted to being natural and free of the chemicals that eat away at your hair and stunt the growth.  I suggest washing with a natural hair care product. The best regimen is clean hair.

Oprah’s personal hairstylist Nicole Mangrum previously shared three tips on to keep her client’s hair looking and feeling healthy. They include; washing with sulfate free shampoos, using coconut and jojoba oils, and applying a deep conditioner mask at least once a week. 

Get Oprah's Golden Globes Hair and Facial Make-Up Look


Photo Credit: Sioux Nesi


After a good wash and condition use a blow dryer to straighten and dry your hair. Be sure to follow up with a heat protectant spray to protect your ends from heat damage. “Oprah gets a heat protecting spray when styling with a hot tool,” says Nicole. By the look of Oprah’s hair, it’s simple but chic with a light curl. Use a curling iron on your hair to create big and bold curls. Nothing too fine but curls that are big enough to comb through and give you a natural flowy look. Create a side part at the top of your hair to separate the curls at the front to show the separation on each side. Spray the hair with an oil based sheen and holding spray to give it a shine and keep the hair in place. After you apply these steps you are good to go. Look at your yourself in the mirror, feel the confidence and say, “Wallah!” 

To get Oprah’s makeup look is really simple. We’ve never known Oprah to pack a lot of make-up on her face and follow the trends that change daily. We can always count on her wearing something natural. I would advise applying your usual foundation. Something light if possible. Nothing too heavy that shows you have on a ton of make-up. Apply a natural smokey eyeshadow that will give your eyes a bit of pop. Neutrogena has really good eyeshadows and most of their eyeshadows are created with concealers, which helps the eyeshadow to stay on longer. Go across your eyelid with a thick application of eyeliner to highlight your eyes. After you’ve applied all these steps you are squared away and ready for your next event or a night out on the town. 

In the cover photo, Oprah is seen wearing black cat eye glasses on the red carpet. I believe they are prescribed. However, to achieve the look, you can find a similar pair online or at a local store in non-prescription form.  Finish by applying a natural gloss on your lips and you’re done. 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and can be as simple or complicated as you make it. I prefer simple and elegant and it looks like Oprah does too!  If you’re inspired to get this look or have any questions. Post a comment below. 

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