GiGi Wilkins: Debut Novel “I Married My Daddy” Explores Her Personal Journey To Self

GiGi Wilkins: Debut Novel “I Married My Daddy” Explores Her Personal Journey To Self

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Meet GiGi Wilkins: The new author of the book

GiGi Wilkins: Debut Novel “I Married My Daddy” Explores Her Personal Journey To Self



In search of security and love, I married the man I had longed for since I was a child. Forgiveness, prayer and self-reflection resuscitated my purpose and passion for humanity. Reopening and closing chapters that framed my existence, impacted how I viewed the world, most importantly how I valued my place in the world. Embracing all experiences, enabled me to accept the fact my life is not my own, I never have to settle, and God’s love always restores.  Never allow experiences of your past to erase the desire and freedom to be truly loved and to love wholeheartedly.”


Q: You authored the book I Married My Daddy. Is this your first novel? Why the title?

A: Yes, this is my first novel and I am overwhelmed with joy seeing my work come to life. The title is symbolic. It sets the tone and is the premise for recognizing how and why women make relationship choices which are good and bad.    


Q: Who is your audience? What will be their takeaway?

A: My audience is men, women, parents; anyone who has ever dealt with mental illness, domestic violence, and substance abuse directly or indirectly. The takeaway is a couple of things; First and foremost, people should seek help immediately, and then begin a dialogue with their families and communities that will identify and develop solutions to the systemic effects of abuse. I want readers to really feel and understand violence happens in all socioeconomic classes and being silent about abuse is not okay.


Q: What did writing the book do for you personally? Would you say it was both painful and therapeutic at the same time? If so, Why?

A: This project began many, many years ago. Personally, it allowed me to develop a deeper relationship with God and really embrace every aspect of my life. This process was both extremely painful and therapeutic at the same time because it required me to examine, identify, and remove myself from toxic relationships. Sharing my story in intimate settings has challenged me to focus and evolve spiritually as well as emotionally. I’ve been able to regain my inner strength through helping others and it’s a phenomenal feeling.


Q:  Tell us how you became a Freelance Entertainer in commercials, movies and television? Did it help you to eventually tell your story?

A: My good friend Angela Dixon introduced me to the industry as sort of a hobby.  Angela also encouraged me through some serious challenges to pick up the pen again and pursue my dream of becoming a published author. Being a Freelance Entertainer has absolutely been a great tool for moving forward with my passion for helping others, but I give all honor and praises to God!


Q: You currently work on initiatives to educate women and men on the long-term effects of domestic violence. Why is this near and dear to your heart?

A: This is so near and dear to my heart because I repeated a common cycle and have watched so many women give up on life in many different ways due to their exposure to domestic violence as a child. My goal is to create a platform, be a voice for children who are the silent victims of domestic violence. I want to demonstrate the importance of nurturing children during their formative years. I hope to illuminate the negative aspects of parents continually engaging in behavior that removes them emotionally and physically from the family structure. In this first book, I want to speak especially to fathers who are not actively present in their daughter’s lives and the dangers associated with not creating a solid foundation as the head of their homes.


Q: What would you say to women or men unhappy in a relationship?

A: Domestic violence comes in many forms – physical, emotional, psychological, financial, and sexual. Seek God, access true spiritual leadership, and be honest with yourselves, especially when children are involved. If there are signs of abuse, seek help immediately. If there is physical abuse, create a safe strategy for removing yourself from the situation, you cannot recover from death.


Q: Where can people order the book? And how can they stay connected?

A: My book is currently available on Amazon locally and internationally. Ordering directly from my site; enables me to donate a portion of proceeds to organizations dedicated to assisting families affected by violence. Connect with me via the Ask the Authorsection on my website and Instagram | Twitter 


Q: What’s next for GiGi Wilkins? How do you plan to promote the book?

A:  I’m working on several projects to get my message out nationally, hopefully on stage or screen! I’ve been blessed to partner with Letrise Carter; Sistah’s Creative Media/Sistah’s Place, who has helped me accomplish my goal of gaining positive media exposure.


Gigi Wilkins is an Independent Healthcare Professional, Family Advocate, and Freelance Entertainer. She enjoys poetry, jazz, and traveling; and has worked in Texas and Georgia as background and featured talent in local commercials, movies, and television. In honor of her mother’s life, Gigi is currently working on initiatives to educate women and men on the long term effects of domestic violence. 






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