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Gospel Heritage

2016 International Worship Summit— #1 Educational Setting for 21st Century Worshippers


The Gospel Heritage Foundation is “Transforming Nations & Generations through Worship.”

The two-day event made its way to Houston during black history month at Community of Faith (Kings Dome) Church in Houston. It’s theme, “chosen,” taken from (I Peter 2:9) which connects with the scripture “A Royal Priesthood“…

We spoke with a member of the board for The Gospel Heritage Foundation, Pastor John Paul McGee who eloquently conveyed the message for the summit, “to remind worshipers of every facet that we all have the hand of God on our lives, adding “we have an accountability and responsibility to the purpose and destiny for which God has called us.” Pastor McGee voiced his excitement for the entire event which included Gospel great Yolanda Adams, Dr. Bobby Jones, and Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee to name a few. Lee along with Adams was honored at this year’s summit. There was also various classroom instruction time aimed to inspire, inform, educate and empower 21st Century worshipers.


Gospel Heritage

Attendants at the Gospel Heritage International Worship Summit


“President and Founder, Dr. Teresa Hairston is brilliant in how she sees the need for the Gospel Heritage Foundation year after year, praised Pastor McGee when asked about the preservation of gospel history. “It’s a substantive ‘life changing’ worship with dynamic educational classes we hope to bring back to Houston in the future.”

Gospel singer Shawn McLemore was also in attendance. He highlighted the significance of the Gospel Heritage Foundation by reflecting on the appreciation of hymns which date back to slave times. “When the slaves didn’t have a chance to talk to each other picking cotton they had a way to communicate and that was through song (hymns),” he said. “It was a way to get your point across and the same musical history that flowed back then still goes on today.” As a member of Wheeler Avenue Church (Houston), Shawn said there is a lot of hymns sung there which again, brings him back to the importance of hymn books and its legacy. “It’s incredible, it takes my praise and worship to another level,” and he was happy the Gospel Heritage International Worship Summit recognized this part of the celebration. Aside from participating in this year’s event, Shawn recently authored the book “The Minister, The Minstrel, The Marriage,” and he also looks forward to recording a duet album with wife, Rhonda McLemore. It will be a two-fold project, one side love, and the other side worship.


Gospel Heritage

Gospel musician Shawn McLemore speaking with the Twins of Media



For more information about the Gospel Heritage Foundation and upcoming events visit http://gospelheritage.org/


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Photos: Bobby Hall

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