Have Challenges: Throw A Party

Have Challenges: Throw A Party

November 21, 2013

By La Tasha (Asha) Taylor





I recently had a conversation with a friend who expressed disappointment that the temp-to-perm job she occupied for over 4-months was folding.  “They took me through hoops and loops during the verification process!” she told me while we spoke by phone.  My friend is in the medical field and has a very solid work history. As I listened to her speak I thought, When one door closes- quickly turn around because there’s another one opening!


She and the family had just moved to a new area of town, partially to accommodate her now defunct position, so of course there was a defeated emotion present. Haven’t we been there ourselves but nonetheless, when our day turns upside down without any warning it catches us off guard.


Naturally my friend was upset that the job did not work in her favor.  I mean, she expressed it was a nice working environment and of course the pay aligned with her professional experience acquired over the years. Even with validated credentials, there is no guarantee our “ideal” job is meant for us. We sometimes forget that a turn in the road can lead to our rightful place.  After listening to my friend I told her, “It doesn’t sound like this was the job for you!”  She responded in a low voice, “I agree.”  Still knowing she wasn’t happy about the whole thing, I wanted to keep my part of the conversation full of support.


In fact, it got me to thinking about the word resource: providing (a person or organization) with materials, money, staff, and other assets necessary for effective operation. Often times when we go through challenges, we want to crawl in a corner and have a pity party.  I told my friend in our conversation, “we should allow a designated time to react to difficult moments but know that it’s just a moment… then it’s time to ready ourselves for the next opportunity.”


In lieu of a pity party, flip it and have a party with a purpose. The first thing to do is recognize the challenge and center your get together around the subject matter. Find out who has similar needs in your neighborhood, church, or places you frequent. Gather your list and be creative with your invitations nothing costly, Evites work perfectly.


In reference to my friend, I suggested an employment party.  For anyone- a designated place, light refreshments, laptops and productive mindsets should get the ball rolling with pulling resources for you and your group to regain your employment statuses. You never know if Kristin, Pamela or Samantha are connected to a network that would assist you in getting back into the job market closed mouths never get fed. Social media will work for you on many levels but gathering people around who share in your situation becomes more valuable through face-to-face communication, assistance and support.  So the next time you find yourself feeling alone in your current dilemma, take the downturn of what’s taken place and give it an upswing with your own themed party. Good luck!



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