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“If a patient is already feeling ill and has to eat something bad, it becomes difficult to get them to eat to maintain their health. A cup of frozen dessert placed in front of an ill patient can help them to recover.” Douglas Wiggins speaks about the added benefits of Body Quest as it relates to the medical aspect of his business.

Douglas Wiggins, Owner of Body Quest Ice Cream, recently recognized in business media outlet, Black Enterprise Magazine, spoke with us about the health benefits his company provides to its customers and the medical industry. Body Quest was originally designed with the athlete in mind! A protein supplement that dispels the myth that ice cream is off-limits to not only the health and fitness industry but to those looking for healthy food alternatives. Here is what he had to say to Beautifully Said!

Photo courtesy of: Douglas Wiggins


AL & TL: Hello Douglas welcome to Beautifully Said!

DW: Hello ladies! Thanks for having me.

TL: Please tell our readers about Body Quest (Ice Cream).

DW: Body Quest got started from my experience and really from my uncle, the late Henry Wiggins, who was the owner of Hanks Ice Cream in Houston, TX. He actually brought me into the business in the early 90’s and taught me all about the ice cream business. I later opened up a Hanks Parlor in Atlanta Georgia and from that Body Quest was born.

Taking from the Hanks model, Body Quest was originally designed for athletes because of the lowfat, high-protein content, which developed into our business niche and allowed us to tap into the medical market.  Body Quest products offer the comfort desired for medical use and also provide higher protein content for recovery.

AL: How did the transition of Body Quest and the medical connection come about?

DW: On the athletic side, we were seeing that a lot of practitioners and dieticians work multiple jobs. You might have a dietician for a professional football team but they may also work part time at a local hospital or nursing facility and through that, the business relationships were built. We were aware of high protein supplements already in the medical community. We tweaked a few things with our own products and started to pursue distribution to the medical facilities as well.

AL: Multiple use for Body Quest products with a healthy approach, love the concept!

What advice would you give entrepreneurs looking to start a business?

DW: You definitely have to go out and pursue whatever you have a passion for and whatever those interests are. Beyond knowing what your passion and interest are, your business has to be built on a sound platform. When you know what your platform is going to be, place yourselft with the right professionals to help launch your company.  You will have to produce quality work in order to obtain quality clients.

AL: Are there any francise locations/opportunities for  Body Quest?

DW: No. Body Quest is not a franchise. We manufacture our own products and we distribute all across the U.S., mostly in the Eastern Seaboard. We do have distribution out west and that is actually growing as we are seeing a larger need for Body Quest in the mid and west coast within the past summer and this year. We focus in three categories, The health & fitness, which includes body builders and athletes. There are high school athletes also looking to train and get more protein in their diet and add more muscle. There are also products that that focuses on the medical industry which address a number of protein deficiencies that are found in different illness such as dialysis, diabetes, chemotherapy and a large population dealing with wound care. Our products are also being used at hospice facilities to provide protein to its patients.

The difference about our products from other protein products out there is that we offer all of the essential amino acids beyond just the protein.  The quality of protein we use is far superior then any other products on the market place.

TL:Great to know that your ice cream, intended for good health benefits, also offers the same consistency as regular ice cream.  How does Body Quest manage to offer the taste of real ice cream without the added calories?

DW: Without disclosing trade secrets, it is about what we make and how we make it that sets us apart from a number of other products out there on the market. On the medical side, if a patient is already feeling ill and  has to eat something bad, it becomes difficult to get them to eat to maintain their health.  A cup of frozen dessert placed in front of an ill patient can help them to recover. We discovered this was our niche in that we have been able to make a product that has the consistency in taste, appeals to the consumer and provides a great deal of nutrition.

AL & TL: We love that Body Quest has many good purposes!

AL: Are there any community involvement surrounding Body Quest?

DW: We have offices in both Atlanta and Charlotte. We are not as involved in community events as we would like. We do provide different promotional events where we will participate in trade groups and trade functions. The trade functions do a good job in promoting our products and we in turn give away products at those type of events. As we work to increase our brand awareness in the marketplace, you will begin to see more community involvement from Body Quest.

AL: What’s new for your company?

DW: Our products are exclusively available through US Foods, one of the largest food distributors across the country.  US Foods has had great success with our products. Body Quest products are now used in well over 500 medical facilities across the US. It will be available in Puerto Rico later this year. Right now we service everywhere from Texas, Florida, Maine and North Dakota.  You can also view new Body Quest products that will be availavle on our website soon!

AL & TL: Thank you for providing your company information for our readers. Continued success for the Body Quest brand, “Body Quest Ice Cream, Dessert with a Purpose.

DW: My pleasure! Thank you for allowing me to share my information with your readers!

*We would love to extend our thanks to Douglas Wiggins on behalf of Body Quest for sending Beautifully Said Magazine some delicious and nutritional samples! For more information about Body Quest, please visit


 “Body Quest Ice Cream, Dessert with a Purpose”

 Photo courtesy of: Douglas Wiggins




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