Hollywood Actress Tabitha Brown Introduces New Fashion Line

Hollywood Actress Tabitha Brown Introduces New Fashion Line


Los Angeles-based actress Tabitha Brown (Bounce TV’s “Family Time”) spoke with Beautifully Said on why she decided to become a fashion designer and how her designs help women to feel they can achieve anything. Read more of her interview here ↓


As an actress living in Los Angeles you recently created a fashion line called {Capeable by Tabitha Brown}. Tell us about the new business.

I had a vision three years ago while on tour doing a play. Someone made me an African dress with a cape attached. I instantly came up with the idea to include a cape with an outfit. I realized there was a need in the market because no one was creating it.  I was going for a look where you can take your daytime to your night time, so I decided to create a design and bring it to a pattern maker to help the look come together. Most people don’t know this but I originally went to school for fashion design right after high school. That is my background though I never used my degree in fashion. With this vision, I wanted to make it come to life especially since I had so much knowledge in the fashion industry already; I knew exactly what I needed to do to get started.


Who are your customers?

My customers are pretty much everyone.  People in Hollywood as well as people in the south that would like to wear them to church. The everyday woman from Michelle Obama to Amber Rose.  Anyone can wear them they are all very beautiful. We have some in stock with African print that I absolutely love! 


You recently added Kimonos to your brand. What else can buyers expect from your line of fashion?

Kimonos are something new and are doing very well. I actually have a kids line I’m working on for little girls and that’s up next. I am also working on men’s designs for the fall. I recently designed a cape for a male colleague actor Nic Few. He wore it to a grand opening of one of his movie premieres and it was a hit. Everyone loved it! 


What would you say has been a challenge and a reward of the business?

The challenge is all the up-front money.  I’ve had to use my own money to buy supplies and pay for shipping. I offer free shipping to my customers by the way. I believe you have to put in upfront money to get a reward from it. My favorite thing about designing my capes is to see smiles on women’s faces. I want everyone to be happy with their purchase. I have a couple of cancer survivors who love the capes and the name of the brand Capeable, and a  few of them mentioned how powerful it makes them feel when wearing the capes. They feel like they “can do and achieve anything in life.”


How do you navigate between acting roles and overseeing your fashion line?

Capeable is still a small business and I do everything in-house. I’m a mother and a wife so I’m really good at multi-tasking, and it’s another thing that goes along with balancing things out. I’m grateful to have a strong foundation. Because of my support system, I’m really great at balancing it all. 


Hollywood Actress Tabitha Brown Introduces New Fashion Line


As a mother of a teenage daughter and young son how do you teach your children to follow more than one dream, and how important is it to have the support of your spouse as you explore different business opportunities?

I keep my children busy especially my younger son who is five years old, he is still exploring things that make him excited. The same thing with my eldest daughter, I keep her busy as well. She loves being active and she models me. I always instill in her to find the things that make her happy. It’s a very hard world for teenagers because of influences and social media. As far as my husband we support one another. We’ve been together for 19 years but we’ve finally figured this thing out.


What’s next for Capeable by Tabitha Brown? Where can our readers stay connected to your fashions?

Capeable by Tabitha Brown is still growing and we’re doing capeable parties where I invite my girlfriends to sip, eat and shop. I’m always open to new things and new designs; I’m working on several different ideas and will keep everyone posted through social media;  I’m really doing a lot of “All White” parties for the summer… I get a lot of requests…everyone wants to do an all-white party.  


Check out more (order) Capeable by Tabitha Brown fashions via Instagram.



Photo credit:  Choyce Brown 

Interview by Shadana Chaney


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