Holy One Clothing Designer Michael Jackson

Holy One Clothing Designer Michael Jackson

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Fashion and clothing designer Michael Jackson shares with Beautifully Said why he decided to create apparel rooted in his Christian faith.


Where did the need to create a Christian clothing line come from?

A couple of years ago while I was in the ministry there was a guest speaker who came to my church. I remember the anointing being strong in the building that day when he called me up to the front to tell me I had a passion for clothing. He then told me he had a fashion design company he started and he wanted me to come along to help him with it. I helped him out for some time but then we lost contact. I asked God what was my next step because He called me to do this. He called me to do fashion. Through a dream, God gave me the company “Holy One Clothing” and that’s pretty much how it started.


Have you always had a love for fashion?

Yes, fashion was a big part of me growing up. As I got older and more into it I realized believers didn’t really have too much to wear to represent their faith in God. This fueled my passion even further and I thought, “how can I meet a market that doesn’t exist or that is really not trending right now?” As well as, “give our teens something to wear to show their belief in God in this world today.”


Your designs appeal to many demographics. Exactly who are they?

My focus is the young adult. The college students. To that age range. I wanted to target them because there is always something for the older and youth crowd but a lot of times as young adults we feel left out. It’s not much for us to do and if there is something for us to do, we have to represent the world and cover up our belief in God.  Holy One Clothing is a way you can be different, you can be fly and you can still represent different brands for believers and different stages in their lives; like if you’re just a beginner or you’ve been in your walk a long time there is something for each and every individual out there. 


What is your favorite piece from your clothing line?

I’m glad you asked. My favorite piece is a black shirt with our gold logo on it. The reason why I love that shirt so much is because of what it represents for my company. The design of it is three nails in the shape of an “H” to represent Jesus being pierced in the right hand and the nails that were driven through both of his feet. Holy One comes from I Peter 1:16 when God said—You be holy for I am holy. And, to be holy is to be one with God.  I love the shirt because it makes a statement and also it draws a lot of interest from people who may not know what it means and when they ask the people about it who are wearing the shirts, it allows the person to share their faith. 


Do you find it challenging to market Christian wear? What did you have to overcome as a business owner?

I want to make sure I say this right. I run up against other believers who may feel I’m doing it wrong. People who may have the same faith as me but don’t really understand what I’m doing with my fashion. The challenge could be that I have to be careful what I’m putting on my shirts or for me to fit into this certain box… I really don’t like that mold. My goal is to show you can be holy and different. My designs are meant to be set apart. I aim to do a different design and try not to be like anyone else or what someone may have done. I’m creating a new concept that some people may not be ready for as far as what I have to offer. Like for instance, I have a design, coming out that says, “F Everybody” and what it means is to FORGIVE everybody. With the design, you will not see the “ogive” part so much because it is darker. That’s the kind of statement I like to do because I feel I am radical in my faith. I like my shirts to go against the grain. So, that’s just one of the biggest challenges I have advertising on Facebook and social media. Sometimes I would get comments that let me know some people really didn’t understand the brand and what I’m trying to communicate.  

Holy One Clothing Designer Michael Jackson

L— Chauncy Glover of ABC 13 and Michael Jackson of Holy One Clothing
Top R—Memphis Ten of 93.7, Michael Jackson, and Chauncy Glover
Bottom R—  Iam Justified (recording artist), Chauncy Glover, and Michael Jackson


Congratulations on the recent launch of your Pop Up Shop where proceeds went to The Chauncy Glover Project, a mentoring program for young men in the Detroit and Houston area. How important is it for your company to give back to charity?

It’s becoming my number one priority because I had to look outside myself. I’ve asked myself this question, “If Holy One Clothing doesn’t exist tomorrow who would care?” I answered myself…I’m not crazy (laugh), but I responded, really nobody because I’m not yet making a big enough impact out there in the world or in the community. So take when I was growing where I gave back in my church overseeing the men young adult or teen ministry. I was always ministering to men. I also would minister at local hospitals with youth football teams from area schools. When I reached out to Chauncy Glover for what he was doing in the community I thought it would be perfect to connect. That’s what I want to be a part of. It’s really important to me that we can build up a generation through Holy One Clothing and make a difference in people’s lives through the brand. 


Holy One Clothing Designer Michael JacksonWhere can we follow your clothing line?

You can reach us on our website at www.holyoneclothing.com. On Instagram at holy one clothing and on Facebook at Holy One Clothing Inc. 





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