Houston Based Filmmaker Helping Entrepreneurs Network The Old School Way

Houston Based Filmmaker Helping Entrepreneurs Network The Old School Way

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Ms. Cat is a Houston-based director and filmmaker and the owner of the broadcast company, Ms. Cat TV. We spoke with her recently as she talked about her upcoming event, One Hand Washes the Other” Networking which takes place Saturday, September 22.  Read why she believes old school networking is still alive and why entrepreneurs and business-minded people should attend.


Tell us your reason for creating the event “One Hand Washes the Other” Networking and what can those who attend expect?

“One Hand Washes the Other” Networking was created for business owners and entrepreneurs to come together to network, build connections and establish relationships. I started it back in 2012, and ironically, I still have business relationships with some of the people I knew back then. Now that I’ve grown in my business I decided to help people network on a different level. We originally started in hotel circuits around Houston, but this time around I wanted to do something on a larger scale. This is an opportunity for us to get off of social media  and take it old school; shake hands and actually meet and greet and build relationships. 


Houston Based Filmmaker Helping Entrepreneurs Network The Old-Fashioned Way


How receptive are the people in regards to old school networking?

I think they are receptive. I will say for myself, I’ve gone to networking events and people have come up to me and said, “Hello, Ms. Cat! I see your posts all the time, but I really don’t know what it is you do?” And then the way Facebook algorithms are set up you may only see portions of your friends posts, and not realize what they have going on. A colleague of mine helped me to print 500 flyers for the event and we actually went door to door; business to business and handed out flyers and it was a refreshing look for many. Some people had expressions like…”What! You literally came to my office to share this with me?” It was refreshing for myself and other people because it was an old school approach.


Do you feel your event will revitalize entrepreneurs thoughts on networking and the benefits it can bring to their business?

I definitely think so! But the hard part is getting people to come out to the event. I think the word “networking” has been dramatically overused. I will confidently say this…those who take time to come to the event usually email afterwards with messages of how they were glad they attended. 


How did you select the keynote speakers for your networking event?

I struggled when I first started events. I bumped my head a couple of times trying to get on the right path. Now that I have done events at various places people will inbox me wanting to know how I pull it all together. I usually explain the steps starting with PR and how it’s different from marketing. A lot of people don’t know the steps to getting things done in business— so I thought I will bring in a team of people in those areas who can help. Legitimate people, I’ve worked with and who I know personally that can can bring a wealth of invaluable information to the table.  


What one thing can you say will motivate people to attend the “One Hand Washes the Other” Networking event.

I can say at the end of the day a lot of people want answers for their business. If they attend the event, we will have all the materials and resources to help. You don’t have to be in a suit and tie. I will not be in a suit and tie (laughs). Come as you are! Come network with us. You will not regret it.


What do you feel you bring to the City of Houston as a director and filmmaker?

What I like most is being a trendsetter and creating opportunities in Houston. It’s not too many of us. When the city does pop as a film making city, I believe I will be one of those names mentioned for sticking around and not going to Atlanta or Cali. I enjoy helping small businesses, independent artists and actors who don’t have to move or relocate to take their talent elsewhere.  


When is the last time you laughed out loud in real time without typing the phrase?

It was in the middle of filming a comedy movie based around the church. I will say I did a lot of laughing this past weekend while we were on set. 


Join Ms. Cat and her team at the

“One Hand Washes the Other” Networking Event 

September 22, 2018 at the NRG Park, Houston, TX

Click here for ticket information



Keynote Speakers include: Public Relations: La’Torria Lemon of Lemon-Lime Light Media; Marketing – Erica Candley of Tart Enterprises; Fundraising – Nathan “Nth” Bar-Fields of Empyrean Trust; Business Coaching – Roshawnda Reed of Executancy Business Solutions




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