Houston-based Filmmaker Presents ‘Houston Rising Star Awards’

Houston-based Filmmaker Presents ‘Houston Rising Star Awards’

Ms. Cat (Catherine Mitchell) is a director and filmmaker who independently created an awards show to honor unnoticed talent in the Houston area. Photo: Ms Cat/Facebook


Each honorees’ success and commitment to their craft continues to open doors in the entertainment industry for our stories to be heard. Ms. Cat, creator of the Rising Star Awards, believes, “Houston has so much unnoticed talent; and majority of the time, the most talented people are never seen on the camera. This is your time to be seen and noticed. We salute you.” Read more of her interview here. 


I want to highlight the movers and shakers of the city as a positive example of Black excellence!


You created the ‘Houston Rising Star Awards’ to recognize unnoticed talent in the Houston area. Why did you feel there was a need?

As filmmakers you get discouraged. You feel like, Oh, my! They don’t make any awards for this. As for myself, I don’t wait on anyone to honor me. I am a trendsetter and I create my own lane. So there is no exception in this regard. We have people in the city doing great things and I want to make note of it, especially as African American in entertainment. Sometimes you feel the stakes are already against you. I wanted to shine a positive light on what the talent in Houston is doing out here and to give those people exposure. 


What can the people attending expect from this year’s award show any takeaways?

Basically, the theme is a A Black History Initiative. In celebration of Black History month and the community’s contributions to Houston’s culture and media landscape. It is an evening paying homage to people who paved the way for us. Sometimes we may tend to forget on the entertainment side in radio, film or television that 50 years ago we didn’t have the same freedoms like today. It will be a gala (banquet) style awards ceremony to honor the people who are doing big things in the city. 


How did you decide on the list of honorees?

Typically what some people do is put together an honoree list where others can vote. I personally picked the people I saw doing great things but perhaps were unnoticed. Like Chauncy Glover who is a Three-time Emmy Award-winning journalist and even though he is on the news, a lot of people don’t know who he is. Then there are the radio personalities who you see at every major event. They are there, but sometimes people don’t know who they are. I want to highlight the movers and shakers of the city as a positive example of Black excellence. 

This year our focus is on film, television and radio and we picked people conducive to those categories.


Houston-based Filmmaker Presents 'Houston Rising Stars Awards'

Houston Rising Star Awards Honorees 


Who has been your inspiration throughout your journey as a filmmaker and director?

Yes, I want to first of all say, Oprah! Honestly, if it had not been for her being one of the pioneers on television I don’t know where we would be as African Americans. Then there’s Shonda Rhimes on the film side of showrunners which is something I aspire to do and be. 


Do you see your awards show as a catalyst for future ‘recognition’ type ceremonies going forward?  

It’s always my goal to be an outlet for the people here in Houston. I can only support you if you support me. As long as the city comes out to support our initiatives by all means I will keep producing and continuing all the things I do. As long as God gives me breath it will always be my desire to be a voice for unnoticed talent. 


Houston Rising Star Awards Takes Place Saturday, February 24th at Houston Community College (West Loop campus) at 7 PM. 

List of Rising Stars Honorees:

Michael Sterling – Independent Film Director (FILM AWARD RECIPIENT)

Rudy Rush – Actor, Writer, and Comedian and TV & radio personality on 93.7 The Beat (TV AWARD RECIPIENT)

Jonathan Milton – Writer and Director (FILM AWARD RECIPIENT)

Chauncy Glover – Three-time Emmy Award-winning journalist on ABC 13 (TV AWARD RECIPIENT)

Amir Diamond – Actor and Media Personality on 92.1 Radio Now (RADIO AWARD RECIPIENT)

Michele and Rochele Thompkins – The Gossiping Heifers podcast and personalities on Amazing 102.5 (RADIO AWARD RECIPIENT)


Ms. Cat is a Houston-based director and filmmaker who created the broadcast company, Ms. Cat TV which offers full TV production services for other filmmakers, artists and businesses to be seen nationwide. Ms. Cat has worked with BET, TV One, and the OWN Network to help connect major networks with independent outlets. Visit www.mscattv.com for more information.

Connect via social media @mscattv


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