Houston-based project management consulting firm, “Taylor Construction Management” Led by Husband and Wife Team

Houston-based project management consulting firm, “Taylor Construction Management” Led by Husband and Wife Team

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Married couple Troi and Kelley Taylor’s family motto is “Work Hard – Play Hard”.  We travel often and, during those trips, we are all very careful to appreciate the fruits of diligence and hard work. The dynamic duo formed the company Taylor Construction Management (TCM) providing project management services to the North Texas and Houston area. Find out why they say working together is a blessing and the ways in which their company is helping with the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.  


As a husband and wife team running the Houston-based project management consulting firm, Taylor Construction Management. Tell us how did the business begin?

Kelley started the firm in March of 2011.  Entrepreneurship was always a milestone in our financial security plan, but the timing was undefined.  Kelley called me (Troi Taylor), on a random Monday afternoon and asked for naming suggestions for the new company.  Kelley’s always been the catalyst and inertia for innovation in our family dynamic.  We started the company with approximately $60K in personal savings.  To mitigate some of the financial exposure, Kelley maintained her job as a contract consultant for a local Fortune 100 company while Troi fully committed to the growth of Taylor Construction Management (TCM).  In the beginning, it was a husband and wife (2) employee mustard seed of faith.  Today, through many testimonies of joys and pain, we are a staff of (15) with offices in North Texas and Houston.  We are also blessed to say that we are in a major growth period and are looking to substantially increase our headcount.


In what ways as an award-winning global firm do you ensure customer service remains a top priority?

All we have to stand on is reliable high-quality service.  As an emerging firm, we cannot afford the luxury of subpar output that proves to be underwhelming to our customers. In our staff meetings, Kelley has remained diligent in underscoring relentless client interface and engagement.  Value is defined by the customer and their perception of a job well done.  It is our responsibility to identify the customers ideal for value, establish tangible metrics to achieve all objectives and to strategically communicate with project stakeholders so they can enjoy the building experience.


What is the one misconception you’ve come across providing project managing services to the public? How have you been able to maintain a level of excellence in your field?

The biggest misconception is probably that project management is redundant and unnecessary.  The leading thought is that you simply need a design firm to draw your building and a general contractor to execute the plans.  In a perfect world, this would be the case similar to America only needing the legislative branch to write the laws and the executive branch to enforce those same laws.  As project managers, part of our function is to interpret, mediate, and rule on what was designed and is subsequently being built.  For example, the design has to remain within a pre-established budget and it must also meet defined quality parameters.  The construction must be finished within that same budget and it must complete within a defined completion date.  These sensitive parameters (quality, schedule, and cost) are our value proposition.  Project managers are adept at seamlessly communicating horizontally and vertically to designers, builders, regulatory authorities, and our client’s organizational hierarchy to deliver mission-critical facility improvement projects with unique leadership needs to deliver a tight budget, fast-track completion, and/or stringent regulatory requirements.

TCM Projects—DeBakey High School (top l); TAMU West Campus (top r); HCC (bottom l and r)



What advice do you have for couples working together in business?

Establish barriers between business and family.  Remember that, though your functions within the company may differ and occasionally pose themselves as competing interests, you are always playing on the same team where you are completely vested in every outcome.  The decisions that we make today may directly impact our children (now and when/if they decide to work in the business) so always approach your job with the highest character and professionalism.  Remember that it is a blessing to have your spouse as your business partner:  you couldn’t ask for a better advocate!


Are there many African Americans heading project management companies? In what ways do you help today’s youth to explore this career path?

There are not many minorities leading project management consulting firms primarily because clients are just beginning to articulate a need for the service.  We actively promote project management as a career path for aspiring entrepreneurs because it has afforded us a very privileged lifestyle that has included many perks like a flexible work schedule, the ability to lead multi-million dollar cutting edge capital improvement initiatives, and we are blessed to have a tangible product (a new or renovated building) to show for our hard work.


How important is it to get away from the office to enjoy personal time with loved ones

Our family motto is “Work Hard – Play Hard”.  We travel often and, during those trips, we are all very careful to appreciate the fruits of diligence and hard work.

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Where will we see TCM in the next couple of years? Are there any projects in the works to help communities affected by the recent hurricane?

TCM is still in the emergence phase. We fully intend to expand our international portfolio.  At the same time, we have plans to expand our footprint in the transportation sector (aviation, rail, mass transit), healthcare sector (hospitals, clinics, and medical office buildings), education sector (university buildings as well as K-12 campuses), and the life science sector (pharmaceutical and biotechnology).  TCM is intimately involved with the Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts.  We are working with local and regional government-appointed leaders and are in the planning stages to aid in the relief efforts.



Taylor Construction Management (TCM) is a global company – positioned to provide a quantifiable return on investment across all industries. TCM employs strategic thinkers that possess a blend of technical acumen while having the leadership capability to creatively respond to any project need. TCM is at the forefront of mission critical facility improvement projects with unique leadership needs to deliver a tight budget, fast-track completion and/or stringent regulatory requirements. For organizations comfortable with the practice of hiring third-party project leadership, TCM is positioned to elevate current leadership expectations by demonstrating that any project can be delivered within all cost/schedule/scope parameters given the right project management style.


Source: Medley, Inc. 



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