How ‘Cosby Show’ Actor Geoffrey Owens Working A Regular Job Help Us To Live In Reality

How ‘Cosby Show’ Actor Geoffrey Owens Working A Regular Job Help Us To Live In Reality

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by Beautifully Said Team


‘Cosby Show’ Geoffrey Owens spotted bagging groceries at NJ Trader Joe’s is the headline trending in the news and social media thanks to Fox News. Which has us asking the question, “Why does a human being earning an honest wage after earlier TV fame, warrant their livelihood being exploited? So what, the guy who played the character of Elvin Tibideaux, on the popular sitcom now wears a nametag and greets customers coming through his line. Is it really necessary for anyone to snap a photo or report every detail of a person’s life where it comes across as people shaming? Obviously, we can go on and on with questions. Name us one person who has not fallen on times requiring them to do some serious adulting. Geoffrey owes no one any explanation as to why he is employed at Trader Joe’s. In fact, since this story broke, he has helped people to know we are not alone and should not feel ashamed to take on a less than glamorous job because we need to. He has helped us to know we don’t give up on our dreams because life requires us to do traditional work in the meantime. The Cosby Show aired in the 80s and ended its eight-season run in 1992. If we have followed Geoffrey’s career, we know he has played other parts other than Sondra’s doctor husband. No one pays Geoffrey’s bills but the man who decided to be responsible for himself and his family. In this day and age, it is not necessary to report every living occurrence for the sake of shaming? What would happen if the story read the actor was homeless and down on hard times? Either way, his story would likely be used as something negative. 

Thank you, Geoffrey! What some mainstream media meant as no good—has us rallying behind you because you represent the many of us who keep it going no matter who judges. There is someone now unashamed to say what it is they do or the location they work at the expense of public scrutiny. Geoffrey is more than the actor who had to win the approval of his girlfriend’s parents, Heathcliff  (“Cliff”) and Clair Huxtable. He is by far a man who deserves respect for his contribution to television and the acting profession as a whole. The life of an actor is never a sure thing and there are downtimes between when you last saw someone on the big or small screen. Actress, Brely Evan’s came to the defense of Geoffrey’s on Instagram. Sharing what many of us feel.

“This made my stomach hurt! Who had the NERVE to TRY to shame this man???? writes the star of ‘Being Mary Jane’ fame. “We know the network but WHO WALKED THE STORY IN THE OFFICE??? LOL we all laugh in yo face as we make him more visible than ever to opportunities in his area of gifting…Acting! Mr. if you desire to act again well it’s your TIME! GOD has taken what the enemy intended to shame you and instead we LIFT YOU UP for all.”

Brely speaks for so many of us who root for Geoffrey no matter if he is in front of the camera or behind a grocery counter. He is a REAL LIFE MVP. 

How 'Cosby Show' Actor Geoffrey Owens Working A Regular Job Help Us To Live In Reality

Photo: Geoffrey Owens


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