How To Deal With Writer’s Block

How To Deal With Writer’s Block

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by Charmaine Hudson


There comes a time in every writer’s life where you just feel like you hit a wall.  Your creativity at an all-time high then all of the sudden it’s gone with a blink of an eye. It happens to me all of the time writer’s block.  This past couple of months have been a struggle for me. I didn’t know what was going on and I didn’t feel up to par to write anything.  Every time I picked up my pen or turned on my lap top there was nothing.  I didn’t understand where this writer’s block was coming from.  I love writing it’s my passion!  So I did my research on it and this is what I found.


  1. Step away from whatever you’re writing and do anything that is creative.

Whether it’s painting a picture or making a scrap book. There are so many things you can do to tap into your creative side. I took up a hobby of cooking and creating my own dishes and using my mother as a guinea pig to try my recipes. I tried painting for the first time and that really boost my creativity.


  1. Move your body

I joined the gym in January and I noticed that my cloudy mind clears up after a good workout. Practicing yoga and keeping your body moving gets the creative juices flowing in your head. Taking a walk in the park helps as well.


  1. Read, Read, Read

 One of my favorite authors of all time is Terri McMillian and her recent book “I Almost Forgot About You” is a great read.  I also decided to step outside the box and read different genres too. Reading heightens your imagination and you get to sit back and let your mind form the characters in your head and enjoy a good story.


  1. Listen to music

This is one of the oldest remedies to stop writer’s block. Studies have shown that music is a great way to improve your mood and productivity. I like listening to old school R&B music like Aaliyah, TLC or something that’ll help me relax.  Sometimes I listen to hip-hop music. I may be singing the song and moving my shoulders but I’ll be writing as well.  Listen to whatever music makes you comfortable to write.


  1. Change your writing environment

For some odd reason when it’s slow at work I can write. I really can’t explain it but my ideas are created when I’m at work.  It doesn’t happen when I’m at home. Places like Barnes and Noble is where I can also write. So try to switch up your same environment and write somewhere else for a change to see how you do.


  1. Take a trip or a mental break

As writers we are constantly trying to come up with different ideas to improve and wow our audiences. Sometimes it’s good to step away from the laptop screen and just chill out. Let your mind take a break.  Take a quick trip and explore.  Live a little and laugh often.


  1. Eliminate ALL distractions

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, any form of social media can be a distraction. Maybe you need a quick break from your children.  Try to get some peace and quiet.  Meditate or pray. Enjoy your favorite cup of coffee or tea and just breathe. We’re always moving and running around and sometimes we never take the time out to enjoy our craft and the gift God blessed us with.  When we slow down we can truly enjoy it.


  1. Have confidence

Confidence is key! I’ve always doubted myself as a writer because there are so many great writers in the world! What I’ve been learning to do is build up my confidence and not think about how good is the next person. We all have different writing styles and that’s what makes us unique.  Learn how to tell yourself, “Hey! You’re a great writer no matter what.”  We all have room for improvement but while doing so continue to build your confidence.


So there you have it. These are some of the tips I think will help with writer’s block. What are some of yours?


How To Deal With Writer’s BlockCharmaine Hudson is a freelance writer soon to pursue a Master of Arts degree in Creative Publishing and Critical Journalism. She resides in Houston, TX.  









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