Inspirational Television – Bringing Back Family Oriented Programs

I recently had the opportunity to attend a preview of the new BET sitcom, Reed Between the Lines via my church home, Higher Dimension Church – founder Terrance H. Johnson in Houston TX. The new sitcom stars Malcolm Jamal Warner as Dr. Alex Reed – NYU Professor and Tracee Ellis Ross as Dr. Carla Reed – Therapist.  The premise of the show is Dr. Alex Reed and Dr. Carla Reed are happily married while raising three beautiful children, teenage twins, Keenan (14), Kaci (14), and the adorable Alexis (7). The show also stars television actress Melissa De Sousa (Best Man) as Gabby – the acupuncturist and veteran actress, Anna Maria Horsford (Amen) as Ms. Helen -the receptionist at Carla and Gabby’s office.

Per the BET network, the main objective of the show is to bring more family oriented programming into the households of American families. My thoughts are I wonder if BET will start a new trend, whereby other networks will soon follow. Time will only tell.

I find this attempt refreshing especially in an era of reality television take-over, not to mention provocative music videos and other non-family/friendly content. These days it seems the closest we have to quality programming is watching re-runs of the Cosby Show, A show that displayed the idea of a healthy and productive family circa 1984 when it premiered.

My question is why has quality programming become taboo in our households? Does this account for some of the problems we are facing today? Whatever your thoughts, I find this new sitcom very inspirational and I hope you will too. Let us show our support by advocating for better programming for our families to gather together and watch. My final question to you is will you be watching?  

Reed Between the Lines is an original comedy that will debut, Tuesday October 11, 2011 at 10P/9C on the BET Network.

Information courtesy of the (1) BET network and (2) Higher Dimension Church (Houston, TX)

Photo’s courtesy of Reed between the Lines FB Fan Page

(1)   http://BET.COM/



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